While a reincarnation of the restaurant Maroc has recently been reported as ‘coming soon’ to the vacant Cafe La Taza space on its second floor, plans to level the Bite Me Sandwiches and former Bar Vero building at 4230 18th Street have been drawn.

And as proposed, a modern four-story hotel designed by Cass Calder Smith Architecture will rise up to 40 feet in height upon the Castro District parcel between Diamond and Collingwood Streets.

In addition to 12 hotel rooms across the new building’s top three floors, the ground floor of the proposed development includes a new 1,800 square foot restaurant space and a decent sized roof deck, but no formal hotel lobby.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in as the plans progress.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by ananimal

    Hey that looks pretty cool.

    • Posted by Davester

      They need to make windows smaller and put in Bay Windows. The hotel reeks of class warfare due to the large windows – Planning subjectivity in 3.. 2… 1

      • Posted by Harambe

        Need! Need! The Knights of Need. I don’t mind a random, modern interjection here and there. It’s true, though – this building has nothing to do with San Francisco.

        • Posted by Torger Cobus

          And neither did the First Bay Area Tradition or the Second Bay Area Tradition.

          • Posted by Mark Sharp

            That’s not true. Since you referenced this historical architectural movement I would have expected you to have known this.

  2. Posted by LBD

    Long overdue for this neighborhood. Much needed, and it does not replace any residential units. Great location for visitors.

  3. Posted by JWS

    I really like it.

  4. Posted by Brisket

    Just 12 rooms, that is seriously boutiquey.

    • Posted by LBD

      That’s part of the charm, and the small scale fits this block. This is not the place for a Marriott.

      • Posted by Hunter

        True, but I could see 30 rooms (and 6-7 floors) suiting it just fine. We need more decentralized hotel rooms in place of illegal airbnbs.

        • Posted by David

          6-7 Floors in that location is completely inappropriate, maybe on market street, but not here.

          • Posted by David

            But I agree completely with your point about decentralized hotels.

          • Posted by George G

            18th Street is a major commercial street and the area is well-served by public transit. I think 6-7 floors would be fine.

            Nice design, let’s hope Planning doesn’t wreck it in the name of “neighborhood character”.

          • Posted by scott f

            Eight would be perfect.

          • Posted by Torger Cobus

            In 20-30 years it will be appropriate. Start now

        • Posted by NoeNeighbor

          People don’t go to airbnb’s because they are decentralized. You are missing the issue.

          • Posted by Hunter

            see ronjohn’s comment below for context: people visiting friends/family often stay in airbnbs because there are so few hotel options in most neighborhoods. Most of us don’t live near union square / the wharf, and have guests who would rather stay a few blocks away than in the tourist zone.

          • Posted by scott f

            I’m literally staying in an Airbnb right now only because all the hotels in this city (not SF) are downtown and downtown is boring if you’re not here on business.

          • Posted by NoeNeighbor

            Oh I am sure there are some people who are looking for particular locations; but pricey boutique hotels will not dent airbnb’s business even if they are decentralized. They are different products with different clientele.

  5. Posted by Ronjohn

    Very cool. Finally a place for friends & family to stay around here. Love the design. Also, love that it’s just 12 rooms. Fits in perfectly.

  6. Posted by Just My Opinion

    Please expedite and build! Too bad they can’t assemble the curry boys spot to do something a little larger (but not taller). The neighborhood would really benefit from some lodging.

    • Posted by scott f

      Larger and taller would be great. The Castro has been among the City’s wealthier hoods for a while now. It’s a case study in how low height limits ossify neighborhoods into rich enclaves and concentrate density unfairly into places like the Mission and the Tenderloin instead. The best time to upzone the Castro was 20 years ago but the second best time is now. Same goes for where I live, the sliver of the Mission west of Valencia.

      Hotels won’t help with affordability the way apartments would, but yes to upzoning.

      • Posted by Es Beacy

        I’m glad you think so. Here’s your cookie.

  7. Posted by Futurist

    Nice modern urban expression for a small hotel, however I think they will have push-back from some neighbors and perhaps the Planning Department for not being “contextual” enough.

    Watch Planning mess it up.

    • Posted by Torger Cobus

      I hope large expanses of glass are “elitist” enough for this neighborhood.

  8. Posted by curmudgeon

    I would love to see this happen. The fact, though, that I’ve so rarely (ever?) seen the development of a hotel at this scale from the ground up makes me think that the economics are pretty sketchy. But agreed agreed agreed that there is a huge market for hotel rooms in neighborhoods like the Castro. The fact that Becks does so well (and has been substantially upgraded in recent years) is testament to the need.

  9. Posted by crop

    can we try to keep some consistency in the architecture… its messy and the neighborhood is becoming ugly

    • Posted by Futurist

      Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

      • Posted by Notcom

        I believe the actual saying is “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”

        • Posted by Frisco

          technically “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) but since this is the Castro, maybe we should quote Oscar Wilde: “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

          • Posted by Futurist

            Well, I left out foolish, because it seemed obvious to me that the previous statement by crop was.

  10. Posted by Pablito

    Cool. But that sidewalk in the rendering looks like Syria. Seriously. More patches than mission district hobo hipster. And how is that Curry Boyz awning even legal?

    • Posted by Torger Cobus

      So San Francisco. Scrutinize the neighbors first.
      This is snark.

  11. Posted by Gerard Koskovich

    Note that the name of the proposed restaurant at the location is not “Morac” but Maroc — as in the French name for Morocco.

  12. Posted by David

    Is that Matt Smith’s Doctor #11 and Clara out front?

    • Posted by SFCitizen

      Yes, I had to zoom on the rendering. You have a very sharp eye. Long live The Doctor. Looking forward to seeing the female iteration of this classic show.

  13. Posted by pennagain

    It’s going to be one horrendously noisy long time in the building. My sympathies to everyone living or trying to restaurant nearby. In the end, it will take some getting used to but it is a step in the right direction unlike the empty, closed businesses in the Castro that are owned by someone who has never made any good use of them for more than twenty years.

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