Waylaid by the Mission District Development Controls which are set to expire on January 14, 2018, the plans for a 37-unit building to rise up to seven stories upon the undeveloped through lot at 1863 Mission Street are slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission four days later on January 18.

As designed by Stephen Antonaros, the mid-block development stretches from Mission to Minna, reaching a height of 65 feet along Mission and 40 feet along Minna.

And in addition to the 37 residential units, which will be condo mapped but are expected to hit the market as rentals, the proposed development includes 1,425 square feet of ground floor retail space fronting Mission Street and a basement garage for 16 cars with its entrance on Minna.

7 thoughts on “Another Waylaid Development Slated for Approval in the Mission”
  1. Why; with the “bay windows” thing? Can we not just move on from forcing architects to tape boxed windows onto every residential structure? There are many other ways to encourage architects to avoid flat, shapeless elevations.

  2. So will this have 37*.25 ~= 9 BMR units, or is it grandfathered in before Proposition C, or did the pay the in lieu fee, or provide for off-site BMR housing, etc etc?

  3. I know the City has more exceptions than I can count to measuring height – but it looks like the building is 3-4 taller than 65′ in the first diagram.

    Parapet’s aren’t counted at all?

  4. please – YES – Please – Build this – And that decrepit warehouse eyesore next door needs to be torn down and built on

  5. Those bars, and fenced areas look way to appealing for debris, and should be changed.

    Building also could use some “details” if it wants to appear like a historic site, currently the architect has not spent the time to detail the building with any architectural elements that can save the facade.

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