1863 Mission Street Site

A sister project to the proposed development on the southeast corner of Mission and 14th Streets, the plans for a 37-unit building to rise on the undeveloped through lot at 1863 Mission, adjacent to the recent “M@1875” project, have been granted an exemption from additional Environmental Review and are close to being permitted for construction.

As designed by Stephen Antonaros, the mid-block development would stretch from Mission to Minna, reaching a height of 65-feet along Mission and 38-feet along Minna.

1863 Mission Street Rendering

Below the 37 condos, a 1,015-square-foot retail space would front Mission Street while the entrance to an 18-car garage would front Minna.  Parking for 41 bicycles is included in the plans as well.

1863 Mission Street Elevation

And in terms of timing, the development team is planning to break ground for the 1863 Mission Street project at the same time as the 1801 Mission Street project which is currently slated to happen by summer.  Construction will take an estimated 18 to 24 months.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    VW Beetle Tetris!

  2. Posted by BobN

    Digging down just a few more feet would give them way more retail space. Odd.

    • Posted by moses

      Probably not worth it. The retail in that area won’t get very good rents…

    • Posted by MissionBernal

      It’s possible that digging down a bit will result in them hitting Mission Creek. It runs right under the Armory, which is at 14th & Mission.

      • Posted by SFrentier

        I heard that the creek runs down ~ 18th st, not 14th.

        • Posted by actionless action

          two creekbeds join around Folsom (map at namelink), one runs along 18th and the other closer to 14th. 16th Street is slightly higher than either one, which helped make it a good site for the original Mission.

  3. Posted by TJ

    I’d mentioned in the post about the corner lot development that I was amazed at how much the area was changing. And I didn’t even know M@1875 existed. I wonder what the futures holds for the other two warehouses on the block?

    • Posted by mdg399

      Two other warehouses? I think you mean 1 – next to this open lot. It was recently sold and from what I understand given our recent notices from SF planning dept it’s headed to be an 8 floor residential building….

  4. Posted by BTW326

    I live a few blocks away and am glad to see more housing cropping up. There’s always pros and cons to gentrification but in the end it is nice to see the area cleaning up for the better.

  5. Posted by iknowsnow

    I’m sure Calle24 will spin-off a side group called Calle14 to oppose this project too.

    • Posted by 4th gen SF'er

      lol they won’t give up but they’ll lose in the end.

  6. Posted by Adam

    SocketSite any updates on this project?

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