Purchased for $7.995 million in early 2015, at which point the home’s total square footage measured around 6,200 square feet, including its lower level and three-car garage, the Pacific Heights home at 3090 Pacific Avenue has since undergone a major renovation and remodel.

And while the remodeled home has never officially hit the market and doesn’t appear to have been purchased to flip, a quiet sale now appears to be in the works.

According to a tipster for whom we can’t vouch but correctly pegged a couple of behind the scenes details, including the agent who appears to be coordinating the deal, the contract price is expected to be $16.5 million which would make it the penultimate home sale in San Francisco this year, second only to the sale of 2712 Broadway for $38 million in June.

And the buyer? According to our tipster, it’s Uber’s new CEO.

12 thoughts on “An Uber Sale in the Works”
  1. Probably not a rebuild just an extensive reno if permitted and built in less than 3 years. I’d imagine there is a view from the top floor. I would have guessed higher number given the A+ location.

  2. Disgusting. The CEO makes all this money, and the drivers struggle to make ends meet. The drivers need collective bargaining.

    1. Once the self-driving cars are out in full force, then there will be no need for drivers (nor their abhorrent driving/navigational ability). So much for collective bargaining when their jobs will literally be non-existent 🙂

      1. Yep, and these new Amazon warehouses they are building in the Bay Area and Sacramento that everybody is drooling over, I hope they don’t plan to keep their jobs for more than 5 years. I’d start going back to school/ developing new skills now if I were a ride share driver or Amazon employee.

      2. Will probably lead us to a basic minimum income or more likely a hefty technology tax – everyone is so afraid of automation, but look how quickly SFBOS was able to quash delivery robots.

    2. Dara comes from a long, successful career outside of Uber and recently joined. This money that you ding him on is not Uber money

    3. Misguided. The new CEO is supposed to be a pretty ethical guy. Your gripe would be with the ousted CEO Travis Kalanick who has an impressive list of unethical and illegal misdeeds that got him . . . a net worth of over $5 billion.

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