While the public hearing for the proposed 127-unit development to rise up to 8 stories in height on the western side of 5th Street, between Shipley and Clara in Central SoMa, didn’t happen last month as originally calendared, the project has just secured an Eastern Neighborhoods Plan-based determination to allow for its streamlined review.

And the refined designs for the 360 5th Street project, which include 1,200 square feet of retail space fronting 5th Street, 8,000 square feet of “artist/craftsman commercial space” (i.e. PDR) and a basement garage for 37 cars and 110 bikes, are now slated for approval by San Francisco’s Planning Commission next week.

14 thoughts on “127-Unit SoMa Development Streamlined and Reslated for Approval”
  1. I really don’t understand the use of these heinous pop colors on any of the recent wave of building designs. Apparently, no one has the least bit of consideration for how they’ll look in 5 years when yellow is no longer the ‘hot’ go-to color for architects.

    1. Agree. Luckily, we have a thing called “paint” that can take care of that issue….see the 2007 all-beige color scheme @ 355 Berry St. that was being partially repainted last month.

    2. Recently saw a lament by somebody that the City, at least from a distance, appears almost entirely blue. That’s not a problem for me, but evidently somebody like these hot colors.

  2. It would be interesting to know the cost per entitled unit in this project. From that figure, one might be able to gauge the likelihood of the entitlement being quickly put up for sale once granted. Of note – 2, and maybe 3, of the 4 entitled projects a block away on Sixth have been put up for sale. The infamous 4 which, if built as proposed, will be the epicenter of an emerging Soviet style housing block district.

    This is a sketchy area and, with a lot of new product coming online in better areas over the next 3 years, the project is risky – especially given the flat condo market.

    1. Uh, no this is not a “sketchy” area. 6th and Mission, yes, but this is a block from Moscone / Yerba Buena & Whole Foods, and is mostly very quiet after sundown. I would also not call this “Soviet Style” housing…have you been to Berlin?

    2. 5th and Folsom has recently undergone a rapid de-sketchification. this would be the fifth development in the last three years or so in its very immediate area, including the new firestation, but not including Mosso just up the street.

  3. The brand new Mosso apartment complex is at 5th and Folsom. The lobby there has fancy coffee and soon-to-be Parisian bakery. Not exactly sketch. New complex just went up at 923 Folsom. And yea, Whole Foods a block away. A lot of Shipley St is abandoned lots which welcomes more sketchiness, but this proposed project is going to go on an empty dirt lot that spans almost a half a block. So, automatically will make the area better just by making use of the lot, and same with the empty lots at 6th/Shipley that run up/down Harrison. You can never keep out all the riff-raff of Soma, but with so many projects slated (hopefully aesthetically nice ones) this direct area should be on the up.

  4. As a twenty five year resident of this neighiborhood, I think any homeownership condo project will help make this area less sketchy. This is an ideal area for middle class condos for people who work downtown. Looking forward to the opening of the French bakery at Mosso.

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