The Board of Directors for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) is slated to conference with legal counsel on Thursday, behind closed doors.

In addition to nine (9) lawsuits related to the sinking Millennium Tower which have already been filed in San Francisco Superior Court, all of which include the TJPA as a defendant, with claims ranging from improper construction to fraud, there are an addition seventeen (17) potential lawsuits of which the TJPA is now aware and to which the Authority could have significant exposure.

As we first reported earlier this year, the TJPA has engaged Jones Day to provide litigation support, the terms of which include an initial five-year engagement with an option to extend for another three. But keep in mind that at the time the engagement was approved, only three (3) lawsuits had been filed with another four (4) potential suits of which the TJPA was aware.

The Transbay Transit Center is slated to be completed this fall.

14 thoughts on “Transbay Related Lawsuits are Piling Up”
  1. Though it allows for as late as 12/20, it’s hard to believe this project will actually be completed “this fall.”

  2. OMG! Get this over with and stop trying to blame this on the Transbay Terminal construction. All of this is due to short cutting negligence with the Millineum Tower contractors to save $$$ and time.

    1. One could say the GC acted on behalf of cost-cutting by the developer. This lawsuit will come full-circle, but at our expense. Naturally.

  3. I’ve been hearing ‘bus operations commencing late december’, but not sure that means the entire building is finished by that time. They just need the bus deck and the pedestrian access to and from that to be done for that portion of the building to open ‘on time’. I’ll bet the rest will be 2018 (excepting the train platforms of course).

  4. Theoretically this thing is supposed to make transit better right? Its still basically a bus terminal. Fancier looking no doubt, but with no real increase in service. And the taxpayer’s are on the hook for a $ billion or so? While a bunch of real estate developers got rich at our expense? Call me a cynic but I think there should be one more lawsuit against the TJPA leadership….

    1. The buses will be able to get in and out faster than they do at the Temporary Terminal. But I don’t think there will be much if any increase in service.

  5. I’m at loss on who is worse for Caltrain, Mayor Lee or President Trump admin. Its a close call, whether it is the Fed’s holding up help with badly needed Caltrain electrification and or Mayor Lee who has done nothing to get Caltrain to Transbay center because of the wishful idea of spending billions more to reroute Caltrain on a different more expensive tunnel alignment to free up Fourth Street property to developers. Right now I’m going with the Feds because Catrain electrification would give one of the biggest bang for the transit buck that this country has seen in a while. Plus I have given up Transbay being nothing more than a bus stop.

    1. SF policy and city planning is a sh*t show. I look at our brethren laying down great public transportation in LA. LA! We are far from pulling it together to build a leading city.

    2. With all due respect, you really can’t fault the Trump admin on the Caltrain DTX debacle. While the current powers may end up derailing the project or setting it back even further, this project was met with lukewarm attention from the get go. Neither the city progressives nor the state/fed dems rallied to get this fully funded and built.

      We will soon have an overbudget bus station. That $2B+ price tag could have been better spent on extending the woefully incomplete T line past Chinatown and making that project something truly worthwhile. Or, a couple miles of rail under Geary. Or, a 30th/Mission BART infill station. Or, any other project that would better serve a larger share of transit riders and their respective communities.

      1. Agreed, the money spent by the TJPA could have been much better spent on completing the T-line, a 30th/Mission BART infill station, new transit vehicles that don’t break down every other week. Pretty much anything that actually delivered better service to the transit riders instead of lining downtown developers pockets…

  6. Transit center success story…(edited from Wikipedia):

    “The Charlotte Transportation Center, also known as Arena or CTC/Arena, is an intermodal transit station in Charlotte, North Carolina. Located in Uptown Charlotte, it serves the LYNX Blue Line and is a central hub for Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) buses. The station is unique to the LYNX system in that the entire platform is covered by a roof made of synthetic materials and supported by curved steel. The present design was originally scrapped due to high costs, but was later brought back and constructed after multiple Uptown businesses donated money to make up the difference in construction costs.”

    Let’s see SF squirm its way out with excuse after excuse of why rail isn’t coming to the TTC. I’m also amazed that given the huge corporate wealth in this town, that all these tech giants couldn’t collectively pitch in and keep the original glass skin of the building before it was cost engineered down to the perforated garbage that will grace this glorious bus station for decades to come.

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