Hidden in plain sight above FLOR in Lower Pacific Heights, the former Chinese Laundry/Tooth Powder Factory at 2230 Bush Street was turned into a designer 3,600-square-foot loft by Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan to showcase their urban art collection and aesthetic nearly a decade ago.

Two stacked shipping containers divide the loft’s living and family rooms and are outfitted as a convertible guest suite (described in Dwell as “something our friends would tell everyone they knew about, but not so comfortable they would never leave”) with a home office in the blue container above. Shipping contains have always been used to do great things, from offices to shipping containers for retail surplus to simply storing your belongings. It is quite interesting to see how they were able to make such a comfortable living space and almost makes you want to see what you could do with this 40′ storage containers for sale, if you had the time and money.

At the other end of the 127-foot-long main floor, the family and dining “rooms” transition to an open kitchen.

And behind the kitchen you’ll find the master suite, with a glass shower flaunting a custom glass shower door, Boffi fixtures and Agape tub. The frameless shower is gorgeous and makes the most of the room in there. Frameless showers have been criticised in the past for being more susceptible to shattering – there has been many an incident where shattering glass shower doors have interrupted someone’s shower – but these ones are made from extra strong tempered glass to avoid this.

The third level of the home includes a bedroom suite and access to two decks, one with a built-in outdoor kitchen, shower and Japanese hot tub.

And having been listed for $4.995 million at the end of March, the sale of 2230 Bush Street has just closed escrow with a $5.25 million contract price.

17 thoughts on “Modern Shipping Container Loft Trades for $5.25 Million”
  1. I always wondered what was up with this place. It’s existence is more obvious from the Wilmot side but still mysterious.

  2. Does the $5.25 mil include the “urban art” collection? Seems a tad overpriced otherwise.

    1. Is it overpriced? It’s in the eye of the beholder, but this place looks fantastic to me. Great location too.

      1. It’s a pretty sweet pad. It’s also nothing but a warehouse with lipstick on a busy street in LOWER Pac Heights for FIVE. MILLION. DOLLARS. Just clear your mind and think about five million dollars for a minute. The fact that anyone thinks this is remotely reasonable tells me something is very wrong out there.

        1. I see “warehouse on a busy street in lower Pac Heights” and think “fantastic one of a kind property”. But I like that neighborhood.

  3. Huh, so *that’s* what bored rich people do.

    And they can’t even adjust their shower temperature without having to walk around a console. 🙂

  4. This still comes in under $1,500 per square foot? Per Trulia the average is just over $1,000 so it’s on the high end for sure.

    1. You drop them in through the roof with a crane.

      [Editor’s Note: Which is exactly what they did.]

    1. btw, ^^^ not by this Jake. I prefer my shipping containers on the docks of the city by the creek.

  5. The glass shower and tub on the wood floor make it hard to believe this is a functional bathroom.

    Very few windows/ view for that amount of money in my mind….but oh well.

  6. When showering in the shipping container bathroom – how does one not burn themselves on the exposed hot water pipes? Looks dangerous and a liability considering it’s a guest suite.

    1. For me, I find the shipping container bathroom with all that glass, in the center of the loft, kinda my worst nightmare as a guest.

  7. One can guess which $5m property will be the first to fall when there is a correction in the market. It will be one in Lower PacHts, right on the Pinebush freeway, not originally designed as a home, and eccentric.

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