Having just closed escrow for $5.4 million, the newly built home at 80 Laidley Street is now the most expensive home sale on record in Glen Park, easily surpassing the $4.31 million sale of 147 Laidley last year.

The record-setting price was aided in part by the sheer size of 80 Laidley, which measures 4,410 square feet across four floors.

On a price per square foot basis ($1,224), however, the sale was actually 8 percent less than the $1,324 per square foot which 147 Laidley commanded and 14 percent less than the $1,424 per square foot sale of 11 Whitney for $2.5 million back in April of 2015.

And all that being said, keep in mind that 2 Everson measures 5,100 square feet.

30 thoughts on “The First Glen Park Home to Break the $5 Million Mark”
  1. Nice place. I love this street and there are some awesome places on this stretch. But this is Glen Park only to a realtor.

      1. While south of 30th Street, which includes all of Laidley, is technically Glen Park, there are those who will (incorrectly) argue it’s part of Noe, typically for the purposes of marketing/comps but sometimes out of ignorance.

    1. Planning Dept. puts it in GP, but right on the edge. Doesn’t Noe have more cachet anyway, wouldn’t a realtor try to say Noe instead?

      Nice use of the steep backyard – a little over hardscaped for my personal taste but otherwise nicely done. That office or whatever would be a good place to stick out of town guests.

    2. I lived on this street for several years and always thought I lived in Glen Park. So did most of my neighbors. Sometimes we would see homes on the block advertised as being “on the Noe/Glen Park border” and we always thought it was hilarious. We’d also see people who live in Noe Valley try to claim Billy Goat Hill as being part of Noe and not Glen Park, which is weird. I guess they will try to claim Glen Canyon Park next–I would covet that more than Billy Goat Hill.

  2. The best street in all of Glen Park, by far, and nicer than most in Noe. This block is particularly awesome.

    1. Agreed. Glen Park has a lot to offer and I’m really not surprised to see the prices heading to premium levels.

  3. I visited 76 Laidley a few times — a nearby newly-built neighbor with very similar layout — and while the views are nice, it’s a strange organization of space, on a strangely split street, in a neighborhood that’s neither particularly private nor particularly walkable.

    Personal taste, I guess, but I find it very awkward to have the public area of the house (for entertaining) on the top floor. This ordering seems common on sloped lots with the street at the bottom. In this case, three flights of stairs to get to the kitchen, and the deck and living area is immediately on top of the master suite. Good luck sleeping there if your partner/spouse has anyone over — I hope they have installed good soundproofing!

    1. I have found that the reverse floorplan makes a ton of sense in our climate. The ktichen/dining/living space gets the most use, why not give it the best lights/views etc?

  4. Lights and views are great, but that’s like climbing Mount Doom every time you come home — or answer the door! I think the reverse floorplan makes much more sense when the lot slopes downhill from the street entrance. You’re not forcing your guests up and down a bunch of stairs (nor inviting them past more private parts of your home).

    A matter of personal taste for sure.

    1. Which might account for the elevator, as shown in the floor plans above. Although its location isn’t particularly great for transporting guests to the main floor (nor greeting someone at the front door).

  5. Curious if this is the same developer who did the 90 Jersey remodel a few years back?

    The icosahedron light fixtures with the high ceiling entry seems uncannily the same…

  6. @ no_vally this was not the same developer that did 90 Jersey. This Laidley was built by the Irish Contractor, Foley Construction. That’s who is listed at SFDBI for the permits for this place, I just checked . He has done other projects in Noe Valley but not he Jersey one

  7. Your own private strip of hillside. A four-level townhouse and a four-level deck? From garage to top backyard deck level is, what, 6 floors? I think I personally prefer a nice rambling ranch-style spread, but the tradeoff is here you get great views and urban living.

    1. The views aren’t really that great. They are expansive, that’s true. But I know three different people within two blocks of here (none of whom refer to this as Glen Park btw), and the vantage from Laidley is actually one of the uglier views of SF. Nothing like the views closer to the bay. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not painfully ugly or anything of the sort. It is just far, far from the better SF views. Not great at all. But some awesome houses on this street, including this one.

      1. You need to spend some time in the houses on this block of Laidley. The views are breathtaking and there aren’t any power lines (all underground).

      2. “uglier views of SF”…wow, incredible (narrow) take on views, period. Now, people are beginning to categorize them.

        Is there only one standard for a “view”? Have you ever actually spent time walking, observing the views from Laidley?

        1. Yep, as I said, I know people in three different houses on Laidley. All on the other side of the street, i.e. with the better views. And as I said, the views are expansive. But what is in the view is not all that pretty. One of the uglier vantages from which to view SF from high up. I was just remarking on jenofla’s generally negative viewpoint of the house except for its views. Imho that is backwards. View is not that great compared to other parts of SF, but the house is great.

          1. @anon, I think you might have a point but that’s due to charitable interpretation as you left out a lot of context.

            I’ve done a very thorough OCD-ish survey of views in SF over the past decade as part of house upgrade mission.

            My bar for views is that they ought to be in front of you when you sit in your living room. That’s why this house has a reverse floor plan.

            Having east bay views, like what you can have from say 22 Fountain or views toward twin peaks is at the bottom of the barrel. Views from western neighberhoods toward the pacific is also underwhelming.

            So we are essentially talking about downtown views, bay bridge, GG bridge and marin headlands/Alcatraz/4th July/BlueAngels views.

            The best views in Town are in Russian hill, especially buildings like 1750 Taylor or 999 Green if you are high enough. You are basically close too all of them.

            Whether you prefer GG/Alactraz views over Downtown/BayBridge is a very personal choice.

            Downtown views:
            * North slope of Potrero
            * Liberty Hill
            * T house hill
            * Parts of Clarendon heights
            * Kite Hill
            * North Bernal
            * Twin Peaks
            * Fairmount heights

            Potrero is by far the closest, but the rest of the view is ugly. I find Twin peaks and Bernal to be too far, though Twin peaks have some advantages.

            Liberty Hill is my favorite in terms of proximity to view and location but very few remaining homes with the right views, all were bought by Facebook-ers.

            Laidley offers a good tradeoff of availability and used to be more affordable.

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