San Francisco’s Planning Commission is likely to approve the proposed redevelopment of the former Central SoMa gas station turned parking lot parcel on the southeast corner of Folsom and Sixth Streets this week.

If approved, an eight-story building could rise up to 82 feet in height upon the 999 Folsom Street (a.k.a. 301 6th Street) site, with 84 residential dwelling units over 5,900 square feet of ground floor commercial space, a stacked garage for 36 cars and a revised design by Gary Gee Architects which features an abundance of individual balconies and a little less flair:

But once again, the paperwork to request the building permits for the project as proposed has yet to be filed, which suggests a quick start isn’t likely nor anticipated, as we first noted a few weeks ago.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Hunter

    Wish the developer would buy the ugly glass building next door and expand this project. Or maybe the city could buy it and transform into a mini park…

  2. Posted by archiwha?

    anyone know what that looming gray mass next to the project on 6th street is?

  3. Posted by Harambe

    Not a bad looking building. L’build!

  4. Posted by Panhandle Amigo

    My guess is that balconies are a running joke among developers and architects. It’s a great selling feature that never gets used. In this case, who wants to enjoy their morning coffee overlooking 6th and Folsom traffic in year round 65 degree weather? I’d take an enclosed glass “sun room” any day.

    • Posted by Gary

      In my experience, having lived just down Folsom for 15 years, they will quickly become caked with crud coming from the traffic below… mostly buses and trucks. Same for your unit if you keep the windows open.

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      These actually look decently sized, so could be used for plants, bikes, BBQs, etc – subject to rules and regs, of course. And in any event, Soma is actually pretty sunny much of the time; there are plenty of occasions when I wish I had more windows for cross-ventilation, so I can certainly see balconies being used.

    • Posted by Hunter

      In my building down the block (855 Folsom) everyone uses their balconies—they’re full of plants, bbqs, furniture, etc. They tend to be pretty large, but since ours are mostly several stories up form the street noise / grime, they get plenty of use.

    • Posted by Panhandle Amigo

      Indeed, you might place your bike, some plants and a BBQ out there because there’s a place for it (induced demand). Storage aside, my guess is that the number of minutes actually spent out there is extremely low.

    • Posted by SFRealist

      Then I’d suggest you get a place with an enclosed glass sun room. Others of us like balconies.

  5. Posted by curmudgeon

    I live in a building with a balcony, and I use it all the time. Critical issue is for it to be sunny enough to be comfortable, and have room for seating. Also, we luckily can have a bbq (this building no doubt wouldn’t).

  6. Posted by jamesjr

    Love it. Build it.

  7. Posted by scott f

    It’s okay. But looks like every other project. Preferred the more distinctive earlier design.

  8. Posted by Jamie

    Balconies are just wter intrusion hosts and get little use in SoMa, IMHO. Looks like a lovely ode to 1960/ motor lodge look.

  9. Posted by pablito

    More balconies! And more green space south of Market. Physical planning can not solve social issues – but more eyes on the street will help with the crazy amount of car break-ins – petty theft- public urinating.

    • Posted by spencer

      no more green space until the city does something about the homeless problem

  10. Posted by DJ

    Looks like a permit has finally been started for this one.

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