Plans to level the former gas station turned parking/detailing lot on the southeast corner of Folsom and Sixth Streets are in the works. And if approved at the end of this month, an eight-story building could rise up to 82 feet in height upon the 999 Folsom Street (a.k.a. 301 6th Street) site.

As designed by Gary Gee Architects, the proposed development would yield 84 residential units over 5,900 square feet of ground floor commercial space and a stacked garage for 36 cars.

A second floor courtyard over the garage and roof deck would provide the development’s required open space, assuming a variance from having to provide a rear yard is approved.

It’s worth noting that the required permits for the project as proposed have yet to be requested. And plans for a three-story building with 32 live/work lofts over a 32 car subterranean garage were in the works for the site back in 2000 but subsequently abandoned.

19 thoughts on “Sixth Street Rising: Plans for Eight Stories at 999 Folsom”
  1. I never complain about aesthetics, but man those white panels are bad. Still, build it.

  2. I’m not sure whether even the usual, “Well, it’s better than what’s there now,” applies here.

  3. Wish they would buy that ugly curving blue/green glass building next door and expand their footprint. Nobody wants it!

    1. – Someone who works extremely close by.
      – Someone whose spouse drives to the East Bay (onramp is close).
      – Someone who likes the industrial vibe (lots of these people exist).
      – Someone who can afford it (clearly this will be selling for less than prime Hayes Valley condos)

      1. There are a ton of people who want to live here. There is a reason why a 2/2 still goes for almost a million on this block.

        1. Thanks, but for a million I’ll buy something that’s not in the center of homeless/drugs/trash. I guess that means I’ll have to leave SF. Oh, darn.

          1. It’s also getting better. The block itself isn’t as bad as Sixth Street toward Market. The entire block from Folsom to Harrison is up for redevelopment and a new food truck park is planned at 6th & Harrison. In 10 years the downtown core will have expanded and with the Folsom plans and Central Subway, it’s a prime location.

          2. Yep, which is why I bought there and made 2x my downpayment in a year.

            The problem withe people like Mark, is that they can’t see the real value – location is everything.

    2. My wife and I own a house at 8th and Folsom. Love our hood. Bars and restaurants are a block away on Folsom. Every form of transportation is convenient., Easy walk to a bunch of neighboring hoods (Mission, Hayes Valley for example) Lots of city money being spent over the next few years to improve the area. Also, sunny!

    3. Anyone who sees the neighborhood for what it will be in a few years rather than what it is, superficially, today. I’ve lived just off 6th and Howard for the last six years and the neighborhood has seen tremendous improvement over that time. If I were in a position to buy a singly family home here today I definitely would. The 4br/4ba at 537 Natoma is listed at 3.1MM with a lot of buyer interest.

  4. Wow, a building on or within half a block of Sixth Street that’s not 100% lower income. After the building at Sixth and Howard and the proposed building next to the court house on Mission I was beginning to think this wasn’t possible.

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