Hidden behind the rather unassuming façade of the Presidio Heights home at 3540 Jackson Street is over 7,000 square feet of finished living space, with seven bedrooms and six baths, a four car garage, and panoramic views across the Presidio and San Francisco Bay.

Long-owned by the Zellerbach family, the home hasn’t been remodeled in decades. And while it never formally hit the market, 3540 Jackson has just quietly traded hands for $15 million.

And speaking of hidden, while the buyers were hidden behind a newly formed LLC, we have good reason to believe he’s an investment banker who could be moving on up from Cow Hollow, most likely following a significant remodeling.

UPDATE: While 3540 Washington, which is a parallel block away, was designed by Bliss & Faville, 3540 Jackson was not and our original reference to such has since been removed above.

13 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Home Sale in San Francisco So Far This Year”
  1. Does anyone know if Bliss & Faville were also the architects of 3680 Jackson Street also? 3680 Jackson has always been one of my neighborhood favorites.

    1. Are you sure it was an “addition”? The house was built in 1938. Attached garages were fairly standard.

  2. Something tells me Socketsite has “alternative facts” here. The long time owned Zellerbach home is at 2898 Broadway. It was designed by Bliss & Faville and built in 1899. The house shown here – according to city records was built in 1938, long after the B&F partnership which ran 1898 ~ 1925. Then there is the architecture – it doesn’t really look like their work.

    1. You are entirely correct with respect to our original attribution of the home’s design to Bliss & Faville (which has since been updated above). It was 3450 Washington, a parallel block away, which the duo’s firm had designed.

      But 3450 Jackson was, in fact, long-owned and sold by the Zellerbachs.

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