The Action Rentals building at 1526-1530 Folsom Street is on the market in Western SoMa, along with its parking lot at 1560 Folsom and two adjacent parcels which extend to (135) Kissling and (276) 11th Streets.

Zoned for building up to 55 feet in height, the site is being positioned as a development site for around 200 units to rise across the four parcels, across the street from the Holy Cow nightclub at 1535 Folsom Street and wrapping around the new Oasis club at 298 11th Street.

And having met with the City to discuss the potential last year, the sales team is now seeking $25 million for the club zone parcels.

10 thoughts on “Club Zone Parcels Positioned for over 200 Homes in Play”
  1. And as soon as sales get going, how long will it take to begin demanding the Oasis shut down (especially its outdoor area) because of noise etc? I thought housing was going to be discouraged, if not banned, in this small area so as to avoid conflicts with the night-time club activity.

  2. What on earth was that giant parking garage built for? I cannot think of a reason for it to be there as there’s nothing around it.

    1. The large parking garage is where the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, the largest hotel in the Bay Area by room count with over 1,900 hotel rooms has its staff park.

      The Hilton then runs shuttle buses over to their Union Square location for their employees.

  3. If my memory serves me, the parking garage was built as part of the Bank of America data center, the block on the south side of Market between 11th and 10th (now Uber, Square, etc.). The eastern half of that block was to be an identical B of A data building, where Nema now stands. After Loma Prieta, B of A thought better of having all their computers in San Francisco. This was the late ’70s and the assumption was all the workers had to drive to a 24/7 facility.

  4. The disclosures should include a statement that this building is located near several nightclubs which by nature result in noise and commotion at night. That might not prevent any buyers remorse noise complaints but would at least give the nightclub owners an advantage.

      1. Because San Francisco isn’t a bedroom community, it’s a city with a vibrant downtown. People who want to water their azaleas in peace and quiet should have a place here, but not in centrally located areas.

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