With American Cyclery having shuttered their “too” annex at 858 Stanyan Street at the end of last year in anticipation of a significant rent hike, the 2,650-square-foot, single-story building on the northeast corner of Stanyan and Frederick is now on the market for $2.5 million.

Priced and positioned as a “development opportunity,” the corner parcel is zoned for development up to 50 feet in height.

And as a “Neighborhood Commercial Cluster” site, the 858 Stanyan Street parcel is not only zoned for a ground floor retail space, but housing is actively encouraged to be built above the ground story as well.

14 thoughts on “Housing Could Rise on Shuttered American Cyclery Site”
  1. I can only imagine the outpouring of opposition to the added height given that a couple blocks away development of the Whole Foods site was nixed.

  2. Whole Foods pulled their own project due to the extra regulatory burden of expanding the original building envelope. Basically, they decided against the extra time and expense involved in doing so, and decided to leave the envelope as is. It is amazing to me how ignorant the neighborhood still is about this. Nobody “stopped” Whole Foods from building out that site. As if.

    1. From SS back on 5/28/09: “The developer of a Whole Foods and housing development approved for a vacant lot at Haight and Stanyon streets has decided to shelve the project, citing high city fees [of between $5 million and $6 million] and the economic downturn.”

    2. Agreed. A massive waste of space and important lost housing opportunity as is today. And then there’s McDonald’s across street. Not to believe what passes in this lookaway town. The entire perimeter of the park should be upzoned to take advantage of GGP.

      1. A planning director (Dean Macris?) once floated a trial balloon proposal to upzone the north side of Fulton to allow midrise residential towers. Obviously, it went nowhere. I’d love to see it happen.

        1. Upzoning all of Fulton and running a BART line out along the panhandle and Fulton would be an amazing add to the city.

    1. I would imagine it’s from the ground level floor plate. Though the sidewalk and street may slope, the floor does not.

      1. Per the Planning code, the height is determined from the curb at the FRONT property line. There are some rules and situations for averaging when the front PL is also sloped.

  3. I really hope the height isn’t an issue here. There’s a 5 story 50’+ building diagonal from this across the intersection. Glad to see more housing in the hood.

    1. Its direct neighbors up Stanyan have that cupola and some other park views, they’ll scream bloody murder at anything over 3. I don’t know what’s across the street, but there are several potentially concerned Haighters.

  4. I live 2 blocks away and I’m sorry to see the bike shop go away (i inflate my bike tires there) but I would totally support new construction within the allowed zoning that combined commercial and residential above.

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