765 Market #22A Shell

Purchased for $3.42 million in 2006, the 2,757-square-foot unit #22A on the twenty-second floor of the Four Seasons Residences at 765 Market Street returned to the market listed for $5.95 million at the end of 2014, after which it was gutted and reduced to a shell following its approval to be merged with the adjacent unit #22B and create a 3,600-square-foot “super unit”.

Following a couple of million dollar price cuts over the past two years, the shell was listed anew for $3.5 million five months ago. And yesterday, the sale of the gutted unit #22A closed escrow for $3.3 million.

The adjacent unit #22B, which was purchased for $1.75 million in 2008 and hasn’t been gutted, was withdrawn from the MLS in May without a reported sale despite having been reduced to $1.45 million (including all furnishings, electronics and dishes).

10 thoughts on “Gutted Four Seasons Condo Fetches $3.3 Million”
  1. It appears as if it faces in the direction that will have substantial view blockage from the new 706 Mission condo/Mexican Museum tower.

  2. Another successful sale! Property worth more than practically anywhere else in the world! (just not as much as some fool paid for it a few years back).

  3. Anything on 22 in that building, which is the lowest floor always has a huge discount; prices go up as floors go up. Also, the comment made earlier that this unit faces the new construction and will have its view obliterated also dramatically hurt the valuation here. Units facing the city have fetched 50% more per square foot lately.

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