1085 Lodi Lane

If you’re a fan of industrial chic, take a peek inside the converted wine country cooperage at 1085 Lodi Lane in Saint Helena, a property which is now back on the market for $5.495 million.

The new pool, pool house and wood burning pizza oven aren’t too shabby, either.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by SoBayNative

    Wowie. Nicey.

  2. Posted by Notcom

    What’s with all the exposed diagonal bracing? Must be a b**** to dust.

    • Posted by San FronziScheme

      It’s an acquired taste

  3. Posted by Heather

    My first thought exactly! Look at all those surfaces! Dust dust dust.

  4. Posted by gentrified is a dirty word for clean

    If I buy it, will you all come to my housewarming slash drywall installation party?

  5. Posted by sethgreen

    am i really going to be the only one without an outdoor pizza oven? can we redeal these cards please?

  6. Posted by jlasf

    Napa has some amazing properties. Most are hidden away so that can’t be seen.

  7. Posted by Sara Short

    I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel lobby…

  8. Posted by ohmy

    Nice to see they produce family housing in that part of the bay area.

    • Posted by Brian M

      Have you ever been to Napa? Acres and acres of (relatively) affordable older suburban housing which most families prefer to urban high rises. It’s largely Fremont with lower prices.

      This is a unique property that in no way reflects the market as a whole.

  9. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: 1085 Lodi Lane has just been listed anew for $145K less ($5.35 million).

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: Having failed to sell in 2016, the industrial chic pad at 1085 Lodi Lane has just been relisted with a further reduced $4.995 million price tag.

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