12179 Hilltop Drive

It’s not often we’re caught nearly speechless. But this is one of those times.

Purchased for $2.6 million last year, the property at 12179 Hilltop Drive now includes 7,800 square feet of new construction, with seven bedrooms, seven and one-half baths, and “resort-like grounds” which “await the quintessential California lifestyle” in Los Angeles Altos Hills.

And the nouveau Silicon Valley pad is now on the market for $11.899 million.

42 thoughts on “Nouveau Silicon Valley”
  1. Very savvy developer here. Great design and smart build. Clearly areas were many would have spent more for lavish finishes or touches but overall this is a pretty nice project.

    1. I’m just saying there is a lot going on here and the developer must have cut corners at every corner to get this back on the market at this price considering the lot price + build. On some level I think they did an ok job. Lots of room for improvements everywhere. Mixed feelings on this one.

  2. I wouldn’t even call it ‘Los Angeles” it’s more like some monstrosity you’d see in Paradise Valley, Az………

  3. I love how the fire pit is so uninviting…no built-in seating or room for seating around it.

    Hardly resort-like grounds.

  4. One of the most vulgar, ostentatious houses I’ve seen in Northern California. In Southern California, it wouldn’t rate a second look.

    1. Sadly there are many worse cases. At least this building is contemporary and not trying to replicate a historical form from another place. Fake Tuscans and faux chateaux are worse when a cursory glance reveals that they’re just stick built McMansions clad with stone veneer (or worse: the faux chateaux tend to use stucco in place of limestone).

      1. I looked over the pics several times, and no, there is nothing that I like about this house. I know that there are other houses out there with bad choices, but for this kind of money they made A LOT of poor choices in design and color (if white and grey are considered colors).

        Just checked the pics one last time – nope, it is just awful!!

  5. You do need to appreciate how the double shower includes both a clear glass version and a frosted glass version. Other than that the home does look very cheep and opportunistic. I don’t think it will age well.

    1. The frosted glass is an attempt at a classy [water closet], without the privacy you really need, with its sound and smell.

        1. As zero implies, the frosted “shower” on the right might actually be the Chamber of Excremeditation.

  6. This looks like a project built by someone catering to mainland Chinese tastes.

    The landscape architect’s use of mulch is masterful. It approaches Versailles.

    Good thing I’m still running XP, or else my browser couldn’t have opened that house tour web site.

    Tear out the palm trees, rip off the horizontal wood siding, put another $250K in the landscaping.

    Run it up the flag pole, see if anyone salutes. $7mm?

  7. I suspect irreplaceable oak trees were chopped down for this monstrosity, to be replaced by one-day-installation palm trees. Ugh.

  8. That bath tub looks like something my horses drink out of. And very odd kitchen arrangement with the table and chairs positioned smack in the center. Always say something nice…. I do like the two tiered coffee table….

  9. Would love to hear what all the arm chair architects on this comment thread would be worth 11 million dollars if this house isn’t.

  10. A bit over the top and certainly not my taste, but can’t quite figure all the HORREUR!. The interior looks like all the modernist boxes that are going into everything from victorians to mid-centuries to new construction (lots of marble, check; no mouldings, check; brushed steel bannisters, check, etc.). The grounds don’t seem very practical but given the size of the house and the lot the price doesn’t seem too crazy, though they may have missed the boom already.

  11. Agree with katdip. There are a lot of things to like about this place, in particular they seem to have made things of livable scale even though the house is quite large–how many houses of this size have kitchens that you might want to cook something in? This one does. This house isn’t to everyone’s tastes but the tone of the responses here suggest something that just isn’t so. I’d take this place over some faux chateau any day.

    1. – you can have it for 11.9 million. I don’t like any of the interior and only a few select things from the exterior.

  12. OK, say something nice. Here goes: given the original was purchased last year, they got the job done quickly and spared the neighbors a multi-year construction site.

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