12179 Hilltop Drive

Newly built on a Los Altos Hills parcel which was purchased for $2.6 million last year, the 7,800-square-foot home at 12179 Hilltop Drive hit the market in October listed for $11.9 million.

And the sale of the nouveau Silicon Valley pad, which features “resort-like grounds” with “a fireplace, fire pit, and bowls of fire,” has just closed escrow with a contract price of $11.2 million, making it the third most expensive Los Altos Hills home to have traded hands this year.

There’s no official word with respect to the buyer.

11 thoughts on “Nouveau Silicon Valley Pad Fetches $11.2 Million”
  1. That has to be one of the tackiest properties I’ve ever seen, dropped down incredibly incongruously in the beautiful hills of Los Altos as if by aliens.

  2. I think that place looks great. It brings a different look from what you typically find in the area, on the outside. I actually like the ‘resort look’. The inside is rather boring, but the finishes look of reasonable quality (though it’s hard to tell from the pictures – I’m as good as others here).

    I am also puzzled by the dirt in the very front of the picture. That looks unfinished.

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