47 Camino por los Arboles

Speaking of big Silicon Valley estates, price cuts and expectations, the newly built 16,500-square-foot “contemporary Italian villa” on a 1.5-acre lot at 47 Camino por los Arboles in Atherton has just sold for $30.75 million having been listed for $42.8 million in March and reduced to $34.8 million in May.

Once again, vaulted ceilings abound inside.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Kitchen

There’s a proper temple to bathing; a 3,000-bottle wine cellar and whiskey bar; and a home theater with a 153-inch Cinemascope screen and 11 Cinema Tech theater chairs.

And in addition to a multi-million dollar landscaping job, the rear grounds include an outdoor pavilion with an Italian wood-fired pizza oven, a wok burner and grill, and a bar with taps for 2 kegs.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Pavillion

7 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Villa Fetches $30.75 Million”
  1. As this is new construction and, short a comparison price/square foot for the area, its hard to analyze the price reduction. Was the original price way over the top and so listed as a “Hail Mary”/example of irrational. exuberance? Tough one to call.

  2. photos show attention to detail, high end material, space, light, and who can’t appreciate a brick vaulted ceiling….in a 500 yr old building.

    “contemporary Italian villa”, the Villa D’etest?

  3. What’s up with that “brick” vaulted ceiling perforated by can lights? Nice job of betraying the artifice.

    Glad to see “Temple to Bathing” becoming adopted by the mainstream media. And it is quite a temple. Not only does it provide your servants a 270 degree perambulation arc, the perimeter bench also makes a convenient resting place for the servant tasked with feeding the grapes one-by-one.

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