47 Camino por los Arboles

Newly built on a 1.5-acre Atherton lot which was purchased for $7.25 million in 2013, the 16,500-square-foot “contemporary Italian villa” at 47 Camino por los Arboles, which was “designed with Silicon Valley living in mind,” was listed for $42.8 million in March.

And yesterday, the asking price was reduced to $34.8 million, a quick $8 million (19 percent) cut.

Inside, vaulted ceilings abound.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Kitchen

There’s a proper temple to bathing.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Bathroom

There’s a whiskey bar and 3,000-bottle wine cellar.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Wine Cellar

The home theater is outfitted with a 153-inch Cinemascope screen, 11.1 channel Dolby Atmos Audio, and 11 Cinema Tech theater chairs.

And in addition to a multi-million dollar landscaping job, the rear grounds include an outdoor pavilion with an Italian wood-fired pizza oven, a wok burner and grill, and a bar with taps for 2 kegs.

47 Camino por los Arboles - Pavillion

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Mark F.

    Quite nice. I like the home theater.

  2. Posted by MKP

    actually tasteful!

  3. Posted by Drew


    • Posted by BobN

      Classic. Timeless. Elegant.

      It’s over the top, but it’s not Mc-anything.

  4. Posted by Just Me

    Gauche, but what else can you expect in the Bay Area these days?

  5. Posted by derrysf

    Certainly shows a bit more interior design restraint than the other massive Peninsula Techzilla! homes recently featured on Socketsite. To each ones taste, and means obviously, but I personally do struggle with the scale of these homes; every room is so grossly outsized I do not know how one could ever feel comfortable in the space. Does one electronically tag ones children like elk such that they might be readily located?

  6. Posted by Amewsed

    I like it too. Do I want to own it? No, I can’t afford it. But I do want to stay in something like this on vacation.

    You can RFID the kids, pets, servants, spouse — they will be located on Carousel #7, I mean, the living room, or bedroom #4

  7. Posted by escapee

    Bigger isn’t necessarily better. I prefer a more intimate setting.

  8. Taking a bath in a hotel lobby, isn’t cozy.

  9. Posted by Louis

    Has very nice deisgn taste for a ritz, peninsula, 4 seasons

    Doubt whether anyone here will buy as a primary residence, for that kind of dough you want some design imprint and this is too high-end-typical.

    Maybe flight capital from china is the likely buyer, probably the likely target.

    With no real sense of value , an off shore buyer now can say thay waited out and outsmarted the market. and will buy soon.

  10. Posted by James F.

    This isn’t Manhattan or Beverly Hills. These super-high end properties seem to have a tiny market and rarely sell.

  11. Posted by Philip

    about as cozy as the Cow Palace.

  12. Posted by jenofla

    Would trade some of that outdoor landscaping for a couple huge climbable oak trees. Wonder if any were cut down for this?

  13. Posted by dt

    Vaulted ceilings generally require large columns and buttresses to take the weight and thrust of the arch.

    I like how the kitchen vault comes down to a couple of soffits.

    The place is attractive but this type of architectural fakery is worthy of a Texas tract home, not a place designed by a real architect to appeal to someone who has visited real vaulted ceilings from a time and in places where that was the only way to create enclosed space.

  14. Posted by Louis

    Designed for newly rich foreign buyer. Dont assume any sense of “taste” developed, other than for pricing and location.

  15. Posted by alberto rossi

    The vents and can lighting inserted into the masonry barrel vault ceiling in the wine cellar are a nice touch.

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