Designed by Stanley Saitowitz, listed for $7.998 million in April, and withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale in July, the modern 4,665-square-foot Mission Dolores home at 50 Oakwood Street has just returned to the market listed for a million less ($6.995 million).

Marketed as an “oasis in the city” and “so much more than a house,” the four-level home features floor-to-ceiling walls of glass; a 550-square-foot living room with a 16-foot-long gas fireplace; a 15-foot-long island and custom hidden-wall cabinetry in the kitchen; “up to five bedrooms” and four and a half baths; and multiple terraces overlooking the Mission and hardscaped rear yard.

50 Oakwood Rear

25 thoughts on “Million Dollar Cut for Modern Mission Dolores Statement Home”
  1. The house at 54 Oakwood gets an up close view of everything going on in the house. Saitowitz makes beautiful homes, but never seems to consider what life is like for their inhabitants.

    1. the backyard is truly an abomination. All formality, no function. And because of the bizarre circulation, no way of really introducing greenery without blasting out that mass of concrete.

  2. Looking at the house in Google Streetview, the house bears the addresses of 50 and 52 Oakwood. Does anyone know what 52 Oakwood is? Is it a separate apartment in the building? A house on a separate lot out back?

  3. I live in a modern glass house like this. But in the country with complete privacy. In the city, it would drive me crazy. As a friend said, “People who live in glass houses…… shouldn’t.”

  4. If you actually visit it and look at the exterior, you’ll see that it’s not particularly well detailed/finished. $7M should at least get you excellent execution when it comes to the detailing/craftsmanship.

  5. Love Saitowitz. I’m sure it comes with heavy blinds and wonder if the windows are more tinted in actuality than they appear in the photos.

  6. Not the first de-list and price cut on this place. It was first listed at NINE million, before being withdrawn and then relisted soon after; they’re down almost 25 percent from the original ask. I own a place across the street, and I can confirm that the level of gold-fish-bowlery is almost ridiculous. The glass walls don’t really make sense in the context of a narrow, tight, urban street. Maybe on top of a hill somewhere, but on Oakwood, you’re basically going to live your entirely in front of my tenants in this house.

  7. “Soulless” seems to be a popular accusation by those who also use rich and corporate as slurs. You don’t have to be much of a psychologist to understand this site, do you?

    1. Chill out. Is everything a political fight for you? It must be exhausting for you to just get through the day. I like color and warmth in my home environment, and I don’t want my living room to feel like the lobby of a large soulless corporation. There is zero political meaning to that, just my personal taste.

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