834 30th Avenue

Listed for $1.1 million last month, the well-kept and “tastefully updated” Richmond District home at 834 30th Avenue – with two large bedrooms, a formal dining room and a breakfast nook – has just sold for $1.3 million or roughly $1,061 per listed square foot (which doesn’t include the “bonus bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen” with a private entrance below).

And yes, that’s officially $200K over asking!

That being said, keep in mind that the home was purchased for $1.27 million (or roughly $1,036 per listed square foot) five months ago, which didn’t include the all new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, such as the KitchenAid dishwasher with a window and lighted interior and that sleek new refrigerator (that doesn’t really fit).

We’ll let you do the math.

25 thoughts on “How to get $200K Over Asking in the Richmond!”
  1. Strange. Add the closing costs and appliances….I wonder if this person was planning on flipping and saw a softening market or just had a change in life plans (employment issues, etc).

  2. Amazing price for sheet vinyl flooring in the kitchen straight outa Bayshore Blvd.

    Although I predict that those square tile countertops and splashes are about to be trendy again.

  3. A caution flag of near real-estate collapse. No one with even the tiniest hint of technological background or having some sense of style or hipster influence would buy a home near 30th!

    No, this is panic. Buying up anything, anywhere in hopes to cash in is what happened around, oh I don’t know, 2005, 2006?

    “I work at Twitter and paid over a million to live on 30th.” – Things not overheard at Bluebottle.

      1. It all depends on your situation right.

        If I were a single, young urban professional, I would pick Oakland. Shorter commute to downtown SF, better bars/restaurants, more singles than outer Richmond.

        If I had a family, outer Richmond hands down: proximity to parks, beach, schools.

        1. Having come back from a three week vacation in NYC, I rather live in NYC (even in the middle of summer) regardless of whether I was single or not.

    1. This may shock you but there are still people out there who earn a very good living, enjoy all of SF (not just the swanky trendy stuff), and have children (and thus care about schools and parks). There is more to life than expensive lattes and tech startups.



    2. totally disagree. many 35+ YO tech employees who have started families have moved out into RIchmond so they can get more of a family home and family feel.

      For me, I would pay double to live on 30th than to live in Oakland

  4. So it sold for a small tad more than in April. Appears those “the crash is upon us” assertions were premature at best.

    That said, roughly $800 a day (after commissions, taxes, interest, insurance) out of pocket to live at 30th and Cabrillo? That is a painful lesson. And that is despite selling for slightly more than you paid for it. Buyers take heed.

  5. Dark blue tile for the kitchen? Who does that. Blue is not a good kitchen color, it doesn’t complement or contrast well with very many foods. Blue is an option for bathrooms, not kitchens.

    1. Anywhere deep into the fog belt where it’s dark and dismal most days. Where there are few ( if any ) hip bars or restaurants or coffee shops or stores or anything really. Most tech workers are pretty young, they have money and they want to be social with other young people in the industry. They won’t find those connections in the avenues.

      1. I drove three times a week, twice a day from Central Richmond to the Financial District for over a year. I decided to check the temp diff just to see if all the crap people talk about the “fog belt” was true. Well there is some truth to it but it isn’t nearly as bad as some make it out to be. The temp difference according to my car most days was 2F to 3F. If it was overcast in Richmond it was overcast in the Financial District about 80% of time. Unfortunately, despite Burrito’s fine work; tech douches and displaced hipsters are starting to bleed over into the Richmond as well. Hopefully they are just the select few that have an aversion to biowaste or bullets. BTW plenty of people in the Richmond have money. Our family derives much of ours by renting out a building we own in the Mission to people like you.

    2. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Artisanal toast on fire over a shoulder at Trouble Coffee. I watched hipsters glitter in the waves along the Great Highway. All those moments will be lost in time, like techies in the fog.

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