834 30th Avenue

Listed for $1.1 million in March, the well kept and “tastefully updated” Richmond District home at 834 30th Avenue – with two large bedrooms, a formal dining room and a breakfast nook – sold for $1.27 million in April, or roughly $1,036 per listed square foot (which doesn’t include the “bonus bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen” with a private entrance below).

New stainless steel appliances have since been installed in the kitchen…

Including a sleek new refrigerator (which doesn’t quite fit).

And as noted by a plugged-in tipster, the property returned to the market three weeks ago listed for “$1.1 million” anew and a contract has since been written.

If you think you know the market in the Richmond, now’s the time to tell.

13 thoughts on “Five Months Later and Back on the Market in the Richmond”
  1. I’m wondering if the home has some extra unwarranted square footage. The previous listing shows a second kitchen so this home could also be throwing off some potential rental income to the owner thusly explaining the unusually high $/psf on this home. So this makes it a little tricky to price this home. But I’ll go $1.3 just to get the ball rolling here.

    The fridge situation is really unforgivable.

    [Editor’s Note: As reported and since clarified above, “not including the “bonus bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen” with a private entrance below.”]

    1. What? you don’t think every house needs a commercial-sized unit to store food for the coming Apocalypse?

      (Of course there probably won’t be power during said event so you’ll need a “bonus” generator too…and a “bonus” fuel tank for the generator…and…)

    2. 1.3 would not be a good outcome. If it cost 30K for the appliances that would put their total investment at 1.3 million. And that is not counting broker commissions and other fees they may have paid.

      Most SF homes have smallish rooms. Not conducive to some of the uber sized appliances and furniture popular now. New owner will need to put up warning signs in hallway to not make a sharp turn into the kitchen.

  2. The Richmond in general is pretty sleepy, not sure it will every gentrify or have cafes, gyms, coffee shops. Surprised this is listed for so much.

  3. Calls to mind the poet’s musing: “If an unwarranted unit is effectively merged and there’s no one around to occupy it, does David Campos make a sound?”

    Or Hemingway: “Gentrification happens two ways: gradually, then suddenly.”

    Guessing 400 “bonus” sf, so 1,225 + 400 = 1,625 total
    1,625 * $825psf = $1.34mm
    Really difficult to tell without knowing the ‘bonus’ footage.

    Nice block for runners to get into the park. Some extra traffic with the vehicular exit at the park and up 30th to Washington and Presidio.

    Good luck to the sellers (but yes, you need to return that fridge and get one that fits…)

  4. why are they not listing for at least the amount that they paid for it, i.e. what reason do they have to now think the value is 200k below what they paid just a few months ago?

    1. It will probably sell more than that they had paid for it in April. List low to get as many potential buyers to submit offers and then counteroffer is the strategy here.

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