3620 Buchanan Street Site

With the redevelopment of the adjacent gas station site underway, plans to raze the historic San Francisco Gas Light Company’s former garden house and workshop at 3620 Buchanan Street, which shares a parcel and 75-foot-wide garden with the landmark Gas Light Company building at 3640 Buchanan Street, have been drawn.

And as envisioned by Sutro Architects, a four-story building will rise on the southern end of the Marina District lot, with six residential condos over two floors of commercial space and a storage room for six bikes (the garage entrance is for the development next door):

3620 Buchanan Street Rendering

And while the proposed development wouldn’t touch the Gas Light Company building, which is also known as the Merryvale Antiques building and is San Francisco Landmark #58, it would shrink the common garden by 15 feet.

9 thoughts on “Plans to Redevelop the Historic Gas Light Company’s Garden House”
  1. I see the words “historic” and “Marina” so I’m 100% sure this will be tied up in litigation for the next 10 years.

  2. That’s quite an attractive development. They seem to have tried to pay attention to the context of the Gas Light Co. building (one of my favorite buildings in SF).

    Are there any photos of the garden house as-is? I’m looking at 1930s and 1940s photos and aerials of the block and don’t see the garden house there. Is it really that historic?

      1. Makes sense, thank you.

        I just hope they don’t water down the design. Otherwise we may be left with something that looks more like the Trinity development next door.

  3. “75-foot-wide garden with the landmark Gas Light Company building ” > so I assume 60′ of Garden will remain (?)

    The presentation could have benefitted from an elevation – or add’l perspectives – that shown the clear separation b/w the buildings, since with the one shown it might appear to the casual observer that the condo would overwhelm the SFGC Bldg (happily not the case, it seems)

  4. this will never fly in the marina without parking. its idiotic to propose without parking. public transport to here sucks and there is scant street parking.

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