837 Wisconsin Street

Purchased as a sound 1,307-square-foot home for $1.3 million in 2013, and then permitted for a major remodel and expansion by SS Dreambuilders LLC (no relation to SocketSite), the gutted Potrero Hill home at 837 Wisconsin Street was foreclosed upon and sold for $1,945,375 on the courthouse steps in 2015, a discount of roughly $250,000 from what was then owed on the unfinished project at the time.

837 Wisconsin Street: Unfinished Interior

Returned to the market in May, listed as an opportunity for “a developer or individual who wants to [finish] this [potential 4,043-square-foot] view home” for $1,950,000, the re-sale of 837 Wisconsin has now closed escrow for $1.9 million.

At the same, that unfinished Dreambuilders flip over on Grand View Avenue has been taken back by their bank.

7 thoughts on “Foreclosed upon Failed Flip Fetches $1.9 Million in Potrero”
  1. Surprised this sold so high. Not sure where it would rank vs. the apparently growing inventory of homes for sale. I wonder how informed the buyers are as to costs they are facing?

    All in all, not a terrible outcome for the lender, given how much risk they had taken.

    Good luck to all.

  2. But the bones sure look nice…could almost live in it as is. You know, for that authentic unfinished 2×4 sensation 😉

  3. Next door 835 Wisconsin, a “wonderful Victorian 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom single-family home combines original detail with remarkable views”, sold for 1.4M last year. Why 1.9M for a gutted home?

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