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While Doc’s Clock is losing its lease at 2575 Mission Street, which expires next summer, plans for the 55-year-old bar to move down the street to the vacant coffee shop space at 2417 Mission are in the works.

In fact, an architect has already drafted plans for the remodel (no word on the fate of Doc’s existing sign). And Drunken Monkey Inc., which is the legal entity behind Doc’s Clock, has formally filed a Conditional Use application with the City, seeking permission to convert the coffee shop into a bar.

New Doc's Clock Floor Plan

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Hunter

    sweeeeet, hope they can keep the iconic sign.

  2. Posted by zig

    I’m surprised Doc’s is only 55 years old. Was there a former bar at this site?

  3. Posted by SFrentier

    Say whaaa???? According to missionloco they are applying for “legacy business”* status in their current location.

    * if a business qualifies it basically gets city handouts (cash) to help it stay afloat, market conditions be damned. Very SF.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      It’s true that Doc’s Clock has applied for Legacy Business status, but the bar will still have to move.

    • Posted by Sara Short

      Honestly, other businesses that face completion from these government support “special” business should sue for discrimination !

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