4215 MacArthur Boulevard Site

While plans to redevelop the former Giant Burgers site on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and 22nd Street in Oakland’s Uptown have been drawn and approved, the Laurel District Giant Burgers site at 4125 MacArthur Boulevard is now on the market as well, with the owner, who is “ready to retire and move out of the area,” asking $875,000.

Principally zoned for development up to 35 feet in height, the current operator’s lease for the 11,500-square-foot site, of which 90 percent is the parking lot, expires in February.

4 thoughts on “Another East Bay Giant Burgers Site for Sale”
  1. There are a handful of other small projects on the board at this intersection, including [a lot at the other end of the block] which is seeking approvals for a 4-story, 11 unit building with ground floor retail. The height limits are quite restrictive, so we might see density bonus applications for some projects.

  2. plz plz plz let us know when the san pablo one is up for sale. i’ll buy it and turn it in to a much needed underground music hub.

  3. I really love the Laurel neighborhood. It has some amazing character and I can see the potential for it to become one of the hot new Bay Area neighborhoods a few years down the road. That business district could be so much more and there are some really great homes (of all types) nearby, and it’s still relatively affordable.

  4. Oakland has so many neighborhoods that could become “hot” and this indeed is one. Some nice arts and craftys homes. A great mix. Imagine what mature oak trees would add to the feel. Some of these Oakland areas remind me of rough cuts of the quaint neighborhoods off El Camino in Burlingame. So much potential.

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