701 Third Site

The lease for the McDonald’s at Third and Townsend, the building for which acted as the diner from which Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character would order his daily coffee, and from inside which he uttered his infamous line, “Go ahead, make my day,” expires in January 2017.

San Francisco’s Planning Commission approved the plans for an eleven-story, LEED Platinum hotel to rise on the 701 Third Street site, with 230 hotel rooms over 2,000 square feet of retail space on the corner and an underground garage for 15 cars, last month.

701 Third Street Hotel Rendering

Last week, the development was officially granted an exemption from having to complete an intensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR). And the paperwork to secure the building permits for the 701 3rd Street project has been filed and triaged.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Serge

    That’s a pretty decent looking build. I like the brick element to tie into the neighboring warehouses. Will be nice to fill in the corner. Now I’m just waiting for something to happen to the former MCD site on Van Ness and Golden Gate.

  2. Posted by Elitist Pig

    Shades of the Intercontinental in that glazing, yikes… hope the real thing looks better.

  3. Posted by eastbay

    That mess of scrap metal on the top of the adjacent building to the left just screams “art requirement.”

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      I like it – one of the few idiosyncrasies left in Soma, so it seems.

      • Posted by roberto

        idiosyncratic besides the numerous human beings peeing and pooping on the sidewalks!

  4. Posted by yousimmer

    That’s clearly going to be a Hyatt Place. Looks good – will be nice to have a hotel in SOMA…they’ll get A LOT of business.

    • Posted by anon

      Well there’s going a fair amount of competition – even before this proposed hotel breaks ground. 380 rooms in the form of 2 hotels within a couple blocks (144 King St. and another at 3rd and Channel). The hotel on King St. might be finished by the end of this year and the Mission Bay hotel is well underway.

      • Posted by Orland

        The Mission Bay hotel projected to rise on Block 1 has not broken ground yet. What you see under construction in that vicinity is the separate condo development to take up the rest of the property.

    • Posted by Orland

      Hyatt Place is indeed the brand named in the renderings at the architect’s website.

  5. Posted by Orland

    When is the hotel on MB Block 1 ever going to actually break ground? It’s been delayed repeatedly for over 2 years now which is hard to understand as there should be a real demand.

  6. Posted by jlasf

    When you want your room cleaned, there should be a hangtag for the hotel room door:

    “Go ahead, make my bed.”

  7. Posted by intheknow

    chez bland

  8. Posted by Emely

    Is there any word on how they plan to co-exist with the DTX ventilation/emergency exit tower? I know the alternate location across the street is still a possibility, but I haven’t seen any plans for the fate of that plot go by.

  9. Posted by Sarah

    The McDonald’s on that corner is an eye sore and a ‘nose-sore’ so to say. The horrible smell of greasy hamburgers are nauseating. It is a filthy place. Who eats McDonald’s hamburgers these days anyway? It would be great if a Vegan restaurant opens in the retail space of the building that will be built there. Time to catch up with the civilized world of Vegan way of eating and living — healthy and cruelty free.

    • Posted by feralcockapoo

      Maybe people that can’t afford to eat “vegan.” What condescending drivel… Yuck.

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