701 Third Street Site

The McDonald’s at Third and Townsend, from within which Clint Eastwood uttered, “Go ahead, make my day,” has been shuttered and its grills and fryers are being loaded onto a truck as we type.

The paperwork to secure a demolition permit has been filed.

And the plans for an eleven-story Hyatt Place to rise on the 701 Third Street site, with 230 hotel rooms over 2,000 square feet of retail space and an underground garage for 15 cars, have been approved and the building permits are in the works.

701 Third Street Rendering

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by More then McD

    The illustration makes it look like the bars next door to Mickey D’s are getting demolished too. Is that right?

    [Editor’s Note: No, but the hotel does step down along Third.]

  2. Posted by Ev3
    • Posted by donjuan

      Would have been much nicer if they had a restaurant, cafe, or bar on the roof. This city doesn’t have enough public roof space other than POPOS which close at 5 pm.

      • Posted by Hunter

        agreed! Many cities with far worse weather (NY, Berlin, Paris) have year round outdoor eating and drinking spaces. Always bummed me that SF is so behind…

        • Posted by Frisco

          NY Berlin and Paris have nice hot summers, whereas SF is basically cold and windy 90% of the year.

          • Posted by moto mayhem

            SOuth Beach has the perfect temperature 90% of the year for a rooftop garden/restaurant/bar

          • Posted by Brad

            SF is not cold and windy 90% of the year. The majority of the eastern half of the city has mild weather for much of the year. There are of course the wonderful howling afternoon winds in the summer months, but bay-side neighborhoods like Mission Bay are fairly temperate on the whole.

          • Posted by moto mayhem

            ilive in the inner richmond and enjoy my roofdeck almost all year around. Its sunny and over 60 degrees 80% of the time in the inner richmond, so south beach must be north of 90.

  3. Posted by eddy

    One less Mcd’s from which I shall never be tempted again.

    It is too cold in SF for evening outdoor space for the most part.

  4. Posted by spruce

    That’s a butte!

  5. Posted by Adam

    Last chance to get a decent photo of that metal sculpture on the neighboring building.

  6. Posted by Someonewhocares

    This is going to be a great project and good, practical use of that space.

    I stayed at a similar hotel (like this future Hyatt) across from PNC Park in Pittsburgh and it was super convenient and will bring much more activity to the area near the ballpark. Hopefully the ground retail floors will include a great sports bar/restaurant for the visiting baseball fans. The more the better near AT&T Park.

  7. Posted by Brandon Long

    Wasn’t it actually in the Burger Island that was there before McD?

    • Posted by John

      Different restaurant but same physical building. The entrances have been changed too.

  8. Posted by Dave

    This is not horrendous – by SF standards. We have to just settle – for it. I wish the adjacent roof sculpture could be moved to the corner of tis building.

    As in, can SF have anything unique or special.?

    • Posted by zig

      We have the little houses in the hills an orange bridge and cable cars. What more do you want?

      • Posted by Brian M

        Bizarre, freaky modern architecture that only those within the Cult Compound would love.

        Or, since Dave thinks we need to stop all development in SF, nothing. Maybe just an abandoned MCD that the heroin addicts can colonize?

        I think the building looks fine. It’s rather handsome (from the rendering) and shows some diversity of architecture.

  9. Posted by Brian M

    Legacy Business!

  10. Posted by Just Me

    Warmed over whatevertechture. I prefer the SmackDonald’s.

    • Posted by Brian M

      So…you prefer national chain plastic chain suburban architecture for a toxic fast food dump from the 1970s?

      I know many here love to be contrarian, but geez.

      May I suggest relocating to Enid, Oklahoma? I hear it is cheap and there is plenty of parking.

  11. Posted by belinda

    Was a dogie dinner at one time

    • Posted by John

      More of a diner, yeah. And the big empty lot behind him as he enters the diner is where the bowling alley and Taco Bell are now. That land was the big train station before it got moved over to 4th.

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