570-600 21st Street, Oakland

Plans for a five-story building to rise on the site of the two historic Cathedral District buildings at 570 and 600 21st Street in Uptown Oakland are in the works, a development which would stretch to 22nd Street and includes 76 apartments over a ground floor garage for 81 cars as designed by KDA Architects.

570 21st Street Rendering

But as proposed, the two old buildings would not only survive the development by being ported to the adjacent parking lot parcel at 610 21st Street, but the butchered porch of the shorter building would be restored as well.

570-600 21st Street Oakland Move

15 thoughts on “A Historic Move to Infill Uptown Oakland”
  1. Lots of plans (relatively speaking) for Oakland the past few years, not so many shovels in the ground. I’ll believe it when I see it built.

    1. There are a lot of both right now. Do you want me to put of the list of active job sites… again?

    1. Bingo! (Though I know SS doesn’t use the terms lightly – or at least doesn’t cotton to the claims of having done such – so I’m sure an explanation will be forthcoming).

      On a related note, what a shame – and sad irony – that St Francis de Sales, the “cathedral” from which the district presumably takes its name, is no longer there.

      1. Yes, because of past planning decisions that reduced a thriving old community to rumble we must forsake these two structures as well! No. This is my neighborhood and the one on the left is a rewarding sight along a block of boring and ugly structures. The one on the right was illegally simplified a couple years ago by an idiot investor, and when the new developer moves it they’ll recreate the original detailed facade.

        1. Sorry for your loss Matt – a drive on Google does show a boring street. They should move these two houses over to face 22nd street where they will fit right in, and keep the new building on 21st IMO.

      1. That is what I had assumed, the Bay Area tends to combine (confuse?) “old” and “historic” in these situations. That or some explanation like “__________ (insert name of exceedingly minor historical figure) looked upon these buildings in 1937 on their way to San Francisco.”

    1. What’s wrong with the one on the left: it’s a well-proportioned Queen Anne, w/ some interesting detailing, and appears to be in good repair; the front stairs are problematic, but that’s a small issue…or do you just not like Victorians ??

  2. More cars than units, and so close to BART. didn’t the city look to reduce parking requirements here?

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