3610 Washington Street

Designed by William Wurster and built on the site of an adjacent home’s former tennis court in 1959, the majority of the 5,650 square foot Mid-Century pad at 3610 Washington Street is hidden behind its carport and garage, with a wind-protected garden court between.

The Presidio Heights home, which just hit the market listed for $7.5 million, remains in mostly original condition.

And based on current rates, the tax bill for the property should be around $88,000 a year if it sells at asking (versus the $5,266 paid in 2014 based on the home’s current tax assessed value of $426,666, thanks, or curses, to Proposition 13).

23 thoughts on “Wurster Designed Infill on a Former Tennis Court for $7.5M”
  1. Except for the kitchen (and probably the unseen bathrooms), it’s lovely…which means it will probably be torn down.

    1. Clearly, there was design cooperation/direction from the adjacent properties in order for this low-slung modern to be built in 1959. Now it’s over 50 years old and by a significant architect, so I don’t think the neighbors or historic preservation would allow a demolition.

    1. have you seen the house? Perfect floorplan. Amazing views on one of the most walkable blocks in Presidio Heights

  2. Oh I think this will sell well over asking. I would buy this in a second. Perfect block, lovely home.

  3. This is one of my favorite homes, always has been. Congratulations to the new buyer – which I think will be fairly soon.

  4. I went to the open house last night. Maybe my favorite home in Presidio Heights (and I have seen a lot of them…) I would predict a $12M+ final selling price

    1. I was going to say 11.5. Could easily go higher. This is grossly underpriced and will likely pull a 2600 Jackson and unlike the Jackson property it probably just needs cosmetic changes. There are always a couple of homes that list in d7 so desirable that people are going to fight over them regardless of the economic outlook and this is certainly one of them. 3700 Washington sold for over 4k per foot in 2012…

  5. For the buyers sake, I hope that large cypress tree is in good health. If it were to come down in a storm, it could wreak major havoc.

  6. Talk about out of place! This place would blend in in Palo Alto, but should be torn down and replaced with something that fits with the surrounding homes.

    1. On second thought, a thoughtful remodel would be better. I like the layout, just not the appearance from the curb. This will be an expensive project, but totally worth it.

        1. Yeah, curb appeal only goes so far. I’m sure a nice renno on the exterior would do wonders. I could see a garage door similar to Tom Steyer’s making a huge difference.

  7. And of course 3700 Washington is a Joe Esherick house. Architecture does pay.

    And lets hope the purchaser appreciates the Bill Wurster and Tommy Church designs, and only polishes this gem.

  8. There’s another 1950’s low slung house on Broadway that’s between two traditional places. Looks similar to Wurster design, not sure

  9. On May 3, I wrote on my FB business page: “It’s one of the best William Wurster designed houses I’ve seen in SF.”

    Happy for the new owners. The house is something to cherish and enjoy!

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