17th and Folsom Street Site

Following three years of delays, the ground for a new Mission District park at 17th & Folsom Streets will officially be broken tomorrow at 3:30PM.

The 32,000-square-foot park, which should be open by the end of the year or in early 2017, will include an outdoor classroom/performance space and great lawn, an interactive activity area and play equipment for children, adult fitness equipment, native landscaping and both educational and community gardens plots.

17th and Folsom Park Plan 2015

An interactive water feature at the children’s play area, which isn’t to be confused with any flooding in the streets, will commemorate the historic Mission Creek that once ran through the site. The water from the feature will be recycled for subsurface irrigation.

Acquired in January 2012 from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the soon to be park site currently houses a paid-parking lot, the northern half of which is being developed with plans for 101 units of affordable housing.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Oh Dear

    Will there be a gate around it that is locked at night?

  2. Posted by lancette

    What about the bike lane on 17th Street? Is there enough space for widened sidewalks, accessible parking and the bike lane?

    • Posted by Bobby Mucho

      Thought the same thing. I sort of assume it’s setback from the street vs the sidewalk extending into traffic / parking lane.

  3. Posted by Hola

    Welcome to SF’s newest homeless encampment!

    • Posted by AnonAnon

      Can we just shorthand this comment as “Socketsite Comment No.1” so we don’t have to hear it every post.

  4. Posted by Bobby Mucho

    Should be called “Waylaid Park”

  5. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    Somebody will be thankfull a few years down the road, that not every site in SF became a building….especially in the mission….

  6. Posted by Orland

    Hopefully, the planned housing will come to fruition a little more quickly.

  7. Posted by moto mayhem

    Can we get a moratorium on new green space until we have a better plan to address the homeless? Campos?

  8. Posted by Orland

    Why in the World are both the Mission Bay and Mariposa Playgrounds still enfenced when they were supposedly set to open nearly a year ago?

  9. Posted by Pablito

    “Portable toilet enclosure” is on the plans above. Hmm. So San Francisco city government can not afford to install permanent plumbing hooked up to the sewer? Wow. Maybe City Hall employees should have to use outside ” portable toilet enclosures”….

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