While a couple of lawsuits aimed at derailing the Golden State Warriors’ plans for building a new 18,000 seat arena, entertainment center and office development in San Francisco’s Mission Bay have yet to be resolved, the Warriors have scheduled a project “tip off” meeting for potential subcontractors in early April and the team now plans to break ground for the development in the first quarter of 2017.

A joint venture between Mortenson and Clark Construction is slated to lead the development of the $1 billion Chase Center, the open date for which has been pushed back to 2019.

And if the team doesn’t break ground by the middle of 2017, the Warriors’ 2019-2020 season would likely have to be played outside of San Francisco as well.

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  1. Posted by sethgreen

    here’s your first tip off. it’s ain’t happening.

    • Posted by Sunset94116

      People are pretty confident that this project will not proceed. If it goes before the ballot box, it most definitely will pass. Not too many people have sympathy for a few mysterious millionaires who want the land for their own.

      Looking forward to the Warriors playing in San Francisco.

      • Posted by zig

        I’m looking forward to Frozen on Ice and Taylor Swift shows

      • Posted by anon

        The ballot box has absolutely nothing to do with the project’s success or failure.

        • Posted by Sierrajeff

          Hi, what city did you just move here from?

          • Posted by donjuan

            This project isn’t going on the ballot. It has already been approved by the board of supervisors and its EIR appeal was denied. Mission Bay Alliance can sue and complain but that will only slow things down for a short period of time.

  2. Posted by Bay Guy

    I cannot help but wonder how much $$$$ you need to bribe the legal authorities?

    • Posted by Pablito

      Other than Jerry Brown most CA politicians are definitely for sale. But nothing in SF is cheap nowdays – so I’m guessing $10 million at least?

  3. Posted by gentrified is a dirty word for clean

    Get on with it!

  4. Posted by Pablito

    The lease is up at the Roaracle in June 2017. The Warriors have to get an extension no matter what – but it would strengthen their hand in negotiations with Oakland if the new stadium was already under construction….

  5. Posted by sunsetkid94116

    Legal authorities? has nothing to do wit them. It is now up to the Courts.

  6. Posted by sfdragonboy

    Again, a few people wanting to rain on the parade of the many. It is not fair. There is no reason why with good planning that access to the hospital can’t be maintained alongside this stadium. It is all new construction, so make a freaky lane/street that is dedicated to the hospital and it doesn’t go towards the stadium at all. Problem solved.

    • Posted by Frisco

      the key phrase being “with good planning”

      • Posted by Pablito

        Yep. Key phrase – “Good planning”. The City does a lot of things right – but good transportation planning is definitely not one of those things.

        Kind of our Kryptonite if anything.

  7. Posted by MyOddCommentHandle

    it’s a good anchor tenant for that part of the city. it’s gettin’ done.

    real question is what’s going to done to that Hunter’s Point waterfront esplanade? i still like a bridge to San Leandro or Alameda.

  8. Posted by soccermom

    Meanwhile, in Sacramento

  9. Posted by EBGuy

    Doubt they’ll be chasing history here. Well, we’ll always have…

  10. Posted by Keepitup

    Good. Let’s get this party started!

  11. Posted by City_Wicker

    If that stadium gets built, it will be a huge waste of effort and money. The team already has a stadium that serves people just fine. The team plays great, fans love it, everyone should be happy. What’s the problem? I guess the rich owners are just grabbing for a bigger slice of the pie.

    What does the Bay Area, and America, really need now in 2016? Another damn sports stadium?! You’ve got to get serious, people. Life is much more serious than we’re accounting for here. This corporate money machine called televised sports is a damn sucker’s game.

    Look at reality, and not just at the distracting entertainment of televised sports. We in the Bay Area have important civic projects that need to get implemented, built, and maintained. A sports stadium is not one of those things.

    • Posted by frog

      If the stadium is in your city, you don’t have to watch sports on television. That’s kind of the point of all this.

    • Posted by gribble

      The City is not building this. It is privately financed.

      It is also not a sports stadium, it is an arena. Stadiums are outdoors. Arenas are covered event centers. As such, it will be used for a lot of other events such as music and conventions. About 200 such events are being planned for each year.

    • Posted by Ohlone Californio

      You’re not very serious yourself City_Wicker. You don’t understand what you’re talking about, your terminology is totally in error, yet you make judgment after judgment. Poorly done.

  12. Posted by Craig K. Martin

    Does anyone take into consideration the restrictions UCSF faced by the limited space on Parnassus campus? If they build the Warriors arena in Mission Bay we will look back 20 years from now and realize what a grave mistake was made for a jump shot and a music concern hall.

  13. Posted by alberto rossi

    In 20 years? By then the Warriors will be demanding a new arena or they’ll move to Oakland.

  14. Posted by Anthony Benton

    A big slap in the face to Oakland

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