2101 Lombard Street 2016

The Kentucky Fried Chicken which has occupied the southwest corner of Lombard and Fillmore for over forty years has been shuttered, and the freestanding building, which was rebuilt as a KFC/Taco Bell in 2007, has been stripped of all its signage.

While not historic, the KFC was deemed “a fixture within the Marina District neighborhood” and “a traditional dining spot for local residents and for local business patrons as well as tourists” when the application to rebuild the original Kentucky Fried Chicken on the site was approved in 2005.

And as we first reported last year, plans to raze the KFC and construct a five-story building with nine two-bedroom condos over 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and an underground garage for 12 cars, which is included in the story count, are in the works but have yet to be permitted or approved.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by garrett

    aw man! where am i gonna get my fried chicken tacos now?

  2. Posted by bbbb

    Good riddance

    • Posted by Mark

      to bad rubbish. Super busy corner, though, surrounded by bus stops.

  3. Posted by Mark

    Enough with the theatrics. Only in SF do people consider a fast food joint in a 10-year old building a “fixture.” What’s next? A candle vigil over a Walgreens in a 70s strip mall being razed?

    • Posted by what

      I would argue three things:
      1. The “only in SF” mantra is wrong, we aren’t that different from everyone else. The mantra is the “theatrics”.
      2. This is definitely a “fixture”, which doesn’t imply that it should be saved or that it was a nice fixture.
      3. The proposed building is 4 levels, not five. No one counts the basement when describing the height.

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      It says that was stated during the application, it isn’t clear if those statements where made by the builder or by the city.

  4. Posted by DM

    This is an outrage, an outrage I tell you! This structure must be saved and encased in amber for future civilizations to examine and hopefully gain a better understanding of San Francisco way back at the beginning of the third millennium.

  5. Posted by Bay Guy

    Perhaps just cover it in concrete and sod then open it in 100 years? Upon opening in 100 years, “Heavens to Mergatroid”… Look how prices have risen! Now McDonalds charges $25.00 for a burger and $3.00 to drive through. 😉

  6. Posted by KFC Patron

    Although KFC is now gone, it lives on forever in our hearts, in the form of cholesterol plaque.

  7. Posted by Jack

    This is going to be a GREAT location and will probably sell for $1,200+/sqft.

    Marina and Cow Hollow is one of the best neighborhoods. Especially with the Presidio and construction on the peers in Fort Mason.

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