2101 Lombard Street Site

Rebuilt in 2007 but having occupied the southwest corner of Lombard and Fillmore for over forty years, plans to demolish the freestanding KFC/Taco Bell building at 2101 Lombard Street are in the works.

As proposed, a five-story building with nine (9) two-bedroom condos over 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and an underground garage for 12 cars will rise up to 40-feet in height across the site, with 8-foot ceilings on the residential floors.

2101 Lombard Street Rendering

A rooftop deck and a patio over the garage entrance off Fillmore would serve as open space for the residents.

2101 Lombard Street Elevation

While not historic, the KFC was deemed “a fixture within the Marina District neighborhood” and “a traditional dining spot for local residents and for local business patrons as well as tourists,” with a “menu and service that the patrons have come to expect,” when the application to rebuild the original Kentucky Fried Chicken on the site was approved at the end of 2005.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in as the new plans progress.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Are there Any other 5 story bldgs on that stretch of Lombard? More density is good here.

    • Posted by Joshua

      This is a four story building with a roof deck. The Chelsea Motor Inn, across the street, is also four stories. Cannot imagine who would want to live over Lombard Street.

  2. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    This has to stop. If we keep razing our cheap joints for a quick gut plug traditional dining spots then San Francisco will lose every last remnant of its suburban charm.

  3. Posted by soccermom

    What about affordable dining? Seems we have another crisis brewing.

    • Posted by van nessident

      Often the same people who don’t like new housing developments in their neighborhoods also don’t like new chain eateries in their neighborhoods: Divisadero is a good example of that.

    • Posted by jlasf

      Mel’s Diner is 10 feet away. So, hardly a loss for the neighborhood epicures.

  4. Posted by Sierrajeff

    I thought places on Lombard were encouraged (if not required) to mimic a 1950s / googie style. It would certainly be great if they did…

  5. Posted by NOPASF

    Stop this monstrosity! The very essence of San Francisco is being destroyed! Preserve the neighborhood. Think of the shadows!

  6. Posted by Oh Dear

    taco bell and KFC are hardly the healthy choice….of course i am (hopefully) preaching to the choir? Now pass the secret sauce.

  7. Posted by architect_tim

    this “taco-hell” is not “duck” or a “decorative box”…..and it has no valid reason to be in the rich tapestry of SF fabric…BOOM!

    Every architect pushes the limit here, so we can be a “kind and gentile” to the neighbors to drop a floor, recede some mass, and give affordable housing….It is all a chess game.

    • Posted by curmudgeon

      yay on the Venturi reference

  8. Posted by J

    This looks like 4 stories, no? Where’s the 5th? The roof deck?

    • Posted by SocketSite

      From a Planning perspective, it’s technically a five-story building, but that includes the underground garage as reported above and is why we included the actual building height along with both a rendering and elevation for the development as proposed.

  9. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    The Presidio Tunnel couple with this big glass box, will surely improve the district.

    Ignoring public transit to a public park (1915 Pan American Exhibition line extension of the F-Line to the Presidio) was the first public trust error.

    AHBP – and the push to densify without addressing infrastructure (aka Transit) is the second error

    Allowing an architect to push such images, and elevations devoid of anything architecturally thought through, including materials and proportion, means you can leave the KFC and hope that something better comes along…..

  10. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    By the way there’s another one out on Taraval that is near the SFPL and denotes nothing and is on an existing train line. That should go too, but hopefully with better architectural style…. and composition…..

    • Posted by sparky-b

      That is the one I go to, so no it should stay.

  11. Posted by jwb

    Let’s get rid of the one at Guerrero and Duboce, too.

    • Posted by Bobby Mucho

      I feel like there was a preliminary project proposal submitted a few years back to do just that—or perhaps at Duboce & Valencia.

  12. Posted by Jake

    first they came for the gas stations, then the biodiesel sources, …. eventually we will be at the mercy of PG&E and the sun and the wind and the waves.

    • Posted by eddy

      There is a strong argument to be made that much gas is generated from this tacobell location.

  13. Posted by alberto rossi

    Are these double-branded fast food places found in other places or are they unique to SF? I remember one on Polk that had fish and chips, tempura and donuts: one stop for all your fried food needs.

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Dual branded fast foodies are all over the USA as far as I can tell.

    • Posted by curmudgeon

      Yum! brands owns both KFC and Taco Bell, so they often co-locate to take maximize the value of their real estate.

    • Posted by Dan Clark

      There are definitely other double-branded “restaurants” around CA. My favorite, tho’ not technically double-branded, is a chain called Mr. Chau’s Chinese Fast Food. There was one near us that started out with just Chinese food, then added coffee drinks, then a bakery. They used to advertise “Any 3 items, only $5.99!” We used to try to make up the worst possible sounding combinations, such as “I’ll have the sweet and sour pork, a double mocha, and a bear claw, please.”

    • Posted by Brian M

      same corporate owner (Yum Brands).

      I think any growth the corporation is focusing on is in China.

  14. Posted by bernalkid

    love the quality of the pavement in that intersection (Filmore & Lombard), major streets, no?
    must be historical asphalt

  15. Posted by Nicole

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They have to take away our only fast food? WHY?

  16. Posted by ess

    a ha ha ha ha, it will look nothing like this.

  17. Posted by Gregg

    I’ve lived in the neighborhood for the better part of 20 years, and I’ve been to this place maybe half a dozen times. I’ve walked by it maybe a thousand times, but eat there? Yuck. It won’t be missed.

    Anybody that’s spent any time in the Marina knows that there are plenty of pizza and burger joints within a short walk of this spot. It’s not like it’s a food desert, or anything.

    • Posted by wayne

      it’s a desert if you take cost into account.

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