119 Tuscaloosa Avenue Aerial

The sale of the newly built 20,375-square-foot spec home at 119 Tuscaloosa Avenue in Atherton, which was listed for $36.8 million in September, has closed escrow with a contract price of $35.3 million and a buyer that wasn’t named.

Designed by Arcanum Architecture and built on a nearly two-acre West Atherton lot, the three-level home is finished with steel sash windows and doors which open to the grounds.

119 Tuscaloosa Avenue Family Room

While the 12-acre ‘Pine Brook Estate‘ at 237 Atherton Avenue fetched $53 million in September of 2011, it includes an 11,000-square-foot main home, a seven-bedroom guest house, and a three-bedroom cottage across a total of three parcels.

As such, we’ll call the sale of 119 Tuscaloosa Avenue the second most expensive home, not including multi-home estates, to have ever traded hands in Atherton, behind the record-setting sale of 85 Isabella Avenue which was built in 2008 on a two and one-half acre parcel, measures around 12,600 square feet, and quietly traded hands at the end of last year for $40 million according to public records.

And as we noted last week, while the $39.9 million de Guigne estate down in Hillsborough had been in escrow, it sudden fell out of contract at the same time the buyers of 119 Tuscaloosa Avenue materialized.

12 thoughts on “A Near-Record $35 Million Atherton Sale”
  1. That’s a lot of grass. I think the natural look for that area is oak trees and golden grass? They could probably pull that look off. Unless they want to use all the grass for entertainment and parties. Then that’ll cost a pretty penny to maintain and look environmentally suspect.

      1. Droughts over folks! You heard it from this guy^ “Dr. Ohlone California, Climate Scientist & Landscape Architect”

    1. Sold in a week. yeah, what where they thinking?

      [Editor’s Note: Closed in a week, took six weeks to sell (not that we’re suggesting the development team is disappointed with the outcome or second-guessing their plan).]

    2. Yeah, I was just trying to get the concepts of “20,375-square-foot” and “spec home” in my head at the same time. Each time I try one of those terms pops out.

  2. I do wonder if I would feel weird about spending so much money on housing when I know there are far richer people around me within a 10-mile radius that live in houses/lots smaller with less grandeur than me.

    1. That’s so 1970s man. We are in the New Gilded Age where flaunting it is what it is all about!

      Besides, the owner may have two kids, They each need their own suite.

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