667 Folsom Street Rendering

With plans to raise the roof on the corner building at 633 Folsom in the works, a plugged-in reader delivers a rendering for the proposed 240-unit building to rise up to 13 stories at 667 Folsom.

667 Folsom Street Site

The 667 Folsom Street project, which is being designed by Handel Architects for Equity Residential, would rise up to 13 stories at 120-126 Hawthorne Street as well, wrapping around the corner parcel at 655 Folsom upon which the two-story Canton Seafood & Dim sum restaurant currently sits but for which an application to build another 13-story building has been submitted to Planning and for which a placeholder building was rendered above.

655 Folsom Street Site

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Orland

    This item prompted me to take a Google Maps “walk” around the general neighborhood. I was struck at how under utilized (parking lots at the NE and SW corners) is the key intersection of 3rd/Harrison. It seems there should be residential “towers” of at least a dozen stories at each. Anyone know what the zoning height of the SOMA Plan is for them?

    [Editor’s Note: Up to 200-feet in height on the NE corner (130-feet on the SW).]

  2. Posted by matteo

    i will miss the dim sum.

    • Posted by yuck

      If you think Canton House had good dim sum, you’ve never had good dim sum.

  3. Posted by Zugamenzia Farnsworth

    the Dim Sum is good, but won’t miss that interior! i like the transparency of all the glass. i’m wondering how such passes though, doesn’t new construction have to submit potential heat/energy-consumption calculations? it’s all double or triple pane i presume? curious how that works.

  4. Posted by Sharperblue

    oh look. a staggered window pattern

    • Posted by Futurist

      I like it. varied and interesting. What problem do you have with that particular expression?

      • Posted by Mark

        What are the chances it will end up like the rendering.

      • Posted by Sharperblue

        yes; not that it is bad in and of itself, but many of us are rather ready for something new. The staggered window pattern and the stacked boxes are the order of the day for wall design, and it is already becoming very dated

  5. Posted by jamesjr

    Glad to see that building go.

  6. Posted by alberto rossi

    Glad to read that the one on the left is only a “placeholder”.

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