3816 22nd Street 2015

As we first reported when the converted Noe Valley Firehouse at 3816 22nd Street sold for $5.55 million in 2013, the buyer was technically the “Megaloceros, LLC,” behind which a tech entrepreneur was hidden.

Two weeks ago, Megaloceros purchased the modern Cow Hollow home at 1864 Greenwich Street for $6.995 million ($500K under original list).

And as a plugged-in tipster notes, that’s why the modern Noe Valley Firehouse No. 44 on 22nd Street has just returned to the market seeking $6.898 million and touting a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” (for the third time in five years).

15 thoughts on “A Giant Elk and Entrepreneur Exit Noe Valley for Cow Hollow”
    1. I believe the ugly new garage door is just behind the old fire station doors that are still there (see other pics from listing)

    1. The modern style might be quite similar, but the firehouse seems to offer a heck of a lot more space and more interesting spaces at that. Odd switch, unless it’s all about location, location, location. And bridge views.

      1. I think the question needs to be turned back to yourself: what are the attributes in Noe that you find to be better than Cow Hollow?

  1. This used to be the home of artist Mark Adams and his wife Beth Van Hoesen. It was their art studio and home for fifty years. Adams designed the stained glass windows for Temple Emanu-El. He was best known for his watercolors. They were poor and used redwoods planks for paneling in the home (I’m sure that beautiful redwood is long-gone).

    They used to have a weekly drawing session in the beautiful home to which Noe Valley artists were invited.

    Here’s an obituary of Mark.

    [Editor’s Note: Holy Hotness, History, And Home: Engine Company No. 44 Returns.]

  2. And now it’s up on Airbnb. This is wrong, no? This is not the owners primary residence anymore. Either sell this place, or rent it out full time. This isn’t a vacation home or bed n breakfast.

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