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Briefly on the market for $5,250,000 this past September, the converted Noe Valley Firehouse at 3816 22nd Street quickly sold for $5,550,000 or $955 per square foot and the buyer was an extinct giant elk.

Okay, so the buyer wasn’t actually an extinct giant elk but rather the “Megaloceros, LLC,” behind which the identity of the person financing the purchase was hidden. And while we’re not going to name the veiled buyer, we will note that he is a tech entrepreneur but didn’t make his money in any IPO, but rather by selling his startups to larger companies, none of which included Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Google nor Apple.

Having first hit the market in 2008 with a price tag of $6,375,000, the seller of Firehouse 44 paid $4,050,000 for the property in 2011 and appears to have remodeled a bit, but not much, between.

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  1. Posted by 22nd Street

    Been wondering when you were going to post about this. Walked by over the holiday and the next door neighbor told me the selling price. I didn’t believe it until the sale price was public. The price is nuts. Haven’t a clue who the buyer is.

  2. Posted by DanRH

    Thanks for posting this…

  3. Posted by DanRH

    ….and I’m coming back!

  4. Posted by DanRH

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