6 Blue Oaks Court

Purchased as new for $6,687,000 in 2006, Sun Microsystems co-founder and former CEO Scott McNealy has been trying to sell his former 7,280-square-foot Portola Valley home at 6 Blue Oaks Court since 2010 when he listed it for $5,200,000.

Withdrawn from the market and listed anew for $5,600,000 in 2013, the asking price for the home was reduced to $5,495,000 in 2014, to $4,998,000 earlier this year, and then to $4,500,000 this past July.

And after five years on the market, the sale of 6 Blue Oaks Court has finally closed escrow with a reported contract price of $4,275,000, a loss of roughly $2.4 million and depreciation of 36 percent.  Or in industry speak, another “successful” sale.

6 thoughts on “Tech OG Successfully Sells Silicon Valley Home For A Sizeable Loss”
  1. “Roomy closet holds plenty of Seinfeld high-waisted jeans and home office provides area for irrational fits of anger at being wrong on big picture issues in Silicon Valley.”

    Hearsay, but true.

  2. Is this the house with the famous (originally unpermitted) ice rink that abuts Vinod Khosla’s crib?

    [Editor’s Note: No. This is the house in which he lived prior and has been trying to sell since having moved.]

  3. Maybe this is a sign of the times. Who wants to be responsible for taking care of a 7280 square foot house? That is basically a job in itself.

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