6 Blue Oaks Court

Purchased as new for $6,687,000 in 2006 and having since moved, Sun Microsystems co-founder and former CEO Scott McNealy has been trying to sell his old 7,280 square foot Portola Valley home at 6 Blue Oaks Court since 2010 when it was listed for $5,200,000.

Listed anew for $5,600,000 in 2013, the asking price for the four-bedroom home on 2.7 acres of land was reduced to $4,950,000 this past October and then withdrawn from the market without a sale at the end of last year.

This week, the property was re-listed for $5,495,000.

And no, this isn’t McNealy’s larger new home behind which he built a 7,000 square foot hockey rink and dome, much to the chagrin of his new neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Tech OG Still Trying To “Sparc” A Home Sale”
  1. He blew up Sun, but guess he still had enough cashish for his little rink…

    I used to work at sun micro. Hated that place!

  2. If he sells this house for the price of a venti latte, that’s still a better return than I ever got on my SUNW options. Oh well, it’s thanks to Scott McNealy that I can claim to have non-profit experience.

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