424 Jessie #6

The 3,221 square foot penthouse atop the Silver Building, which fronts Mint Plaza at 424 Jessie Street, has hit the market listed for $4,500,000.

424 Jessie #6 Kitchen

The high-end kitchen is outfitted with Anigre wood cabinets, granite counter tops, and a cast glass eating counter which is mounted to a cast-in-place concrete kitchen island which includes a second sink.

424 Jessie #6 Staircase

A custom fabricated steel and wood staircase by Lundberg Design connects the condos three floors and provides access to the unit’s private roof deck with a built-in grill, hot tub, and cor-ten planters.

424 Jessie #6 Roof Deck

18 thoughts on “Designer Mint Plaza Penthouse On The Market For $4.5M”
  1. I can’t wait to blow my trust fund on an apartment that overlooks a bunch of crack fiends. That will make me feel a lot less sheltered.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better, Puhleez.
    Hopefully things will change when the City Museum takes over the old Mint building (10 years and counting).

  3. The City Museum is not taking the Mint.
    The California Historical Society has received the building and will be moving there from 678 Mission.
    In 10 years it may be a much better neighborhood, but anyone who pays this price now is forgetting the three famous primary criteria of real estate.

  4. Lundberg does great work and not many spaces like this in San Francisco. Love the layout of the main floor and size of the master suite but a few of the other rooms look small. Had higher expectations for Mint Plaza, hope it will eventually take off.

    1. There is no room on the roof deck. The stairs go up and there’s just a small closet off to the side and a sliding door to the deck.

      1. – as you go up the stairs there is a small closet with shelves for the jacuzzi equipment on the left and a pantry on the right with built in cabinets and a doggy door.

  5. I’ve been in this space a number of times. It has direct elevator access to the unit and a pretty good view. It’s one of the few true penthouses in the entire city and it has an original construction loft like interior. It makes a lot more sense for a single techie than spending 4 million on noe or pac heights.

    It’s probably my favorite apartment in the entire city and I wish I could afford it.

  6. But none of the restaurants seem to survive. Mint Plaza has a creepy feeling in some ways. I want to like it, but….

    Still…I will check my lottery ticket in ten minutes or so! 🙂

  7. UPDATE: After five months on the market and a $200,000 price cut, the listing for the three-story Mint Plaza penthouse atop the Silver Building has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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