270 Brighton Avenue Rendering

A 45-foot-tall building has been designed to rise on the corner of Ocean and Brighton Avenues, across the street from the Ocean Avenue Whole Foods Market.  And as proposed, the 270 Brighton Avenue development will produce 28 dwelling units over two ground-floor commercial spaces and a garage for 10 cars and 28 bikes.

In order to proceed, however, San Francisco’s Zoning Administrator will need to approve a variance to allow the building to cover the entire lot with a large courtyard on the second floor acting as the project’s required rear yard.

270 Brighton Site Plan

The hearing which could clear the way for the project to start infilling the lot will be held next Wednesday.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    Yes, but how will the affect the McDonald’s drive-through?

  2. Posted by seriously

    it’s too bad that ugly substation is in between the buildings. can they not build over it or bury it? they build over substations in NYC.

  3. Posted by BP

    I like the bulb outs and the trees. Great that they are forcing developers to add streetscape requirements. This used to be an overflow parking lot for the McDonalds. I wonder if there are any plans to sell the McDonald’s property – the restaurant is run down and clearly very little has been invested. The strip mall up the street housing the KFC is for sale promoting a redevelopment opportunity for both height and taking out the parking lot. I think the area would greatly improve to lose the chain restaurants.

  4. Posted by Joseph A

    No issue with this being developed and pretty sure I saw something about the McDonalds lot being looked at for development , what does surprise me is how quickly this part of Ocean is changing

  5. Posted by Jason

    Ocean Avenue might have some of the most potential of any area in the city. Still semi-affordable, it has nice scale, good transit access… could really turn out to be a pretty cool neighborhood. The presence of the Whole Foods is a major vote of confidence in the area too and I think a lot of buyers/developers will respond to that.

  6. Posted by Futurist

    This is good news for that neighborhood.

  7. Posted by Andrew Bates

    Traffic is already bad in that corridor, hopefully they’ll keep that in mind.

  8. Posted by wayne

    I used to live a block up Brighton from where this is happening, i’m excited, kinda wish I was still there. Decent design and the area is improving.

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