1 Bernice

The industrial building on the southeast corner of Bernice and 12th Street which sits behind the Eagle was legally converted into three “live/work lofts for artists” back in 2002.

Listed for $3,595,000 in early 2012, the 6,200 square foot unit in the building known as 9 Bernice sold for $3,050,000 that November.

Today, the unit known as 1 Bernice is on the market and asking $1,695,000 with two bedrooms, three thousand (listed) square feet, and a garage for four cars (two by way of hydraulic stackers).

1 Bernice Living

8 thoughts on “Weekend At Bernice, Part 2”
  1. Hill & Co may be “the City’s best” but it’s certainly not in the category of website design. that slideshow feature is SO annoying.

  2. I love how brokers feel it’s more important to show a photo of a nearby coffee shop instead of the 4 car garage.

  3. You’ve gotta appreciate the irony of a unit earmarked for a working artist selling for $3M. A high level con artist perhaps.

  4. Milkshake: I can think of two categories of target buyer you’re overlooking.
    • a working artist with a trust fund
    • a successful working artist. Like for instance if Jeff Koons decided to move to San Francisco and needed a live/work space.

  5. Jeff Koons is a successful artist?
    I think it might be more accurate to say he is a rich businessman. Rich businessmen would not live in this building.

  6. This is an odd duck. Those upstairs spaces which do not benefit from ground floor window exposure are unusually dark and gloomy, I do not recall any of the 3 BAs having a single window. Very Führerbunker-ish.

  7. UPDATE: The sale of 1 Bernice has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,475,000. Call it 13 percent under asking and a little under $500 per square foot for the 3,000 square foot loft with parking for four cars.

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