188 Embarcadero

With an estimated 2,500 employees in the city, behind Salesforce with an estimated 4,000 and ahead of Twitter with an estimated 1,500, Google is the second largest tech employer in San Francisco.

And while rumors of Google’s move to secure either the Transbay Tower (now Salesforce Tower) or Salesforce’s Mission Bay parcels (the heart of which are slated to become the Warriors San Francisco Sports and Entertainment Center) both fell flat, Google has purchased the 88,000 square foot building at 188 Embarcadero and signed a lease for another 250,000 square feet of space in the One Market Plaza complex down the street, bringing Google’s total footprint in San Francisco up to around 725,000 square feet of space.

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  1. Posted by just-my--three-cents

    …and the third downtown location besides the photographed building and One Market is the Hills Brothers Building just a block away. They’re all tightly clustered for easy walking between them. Perhaps Google will buy out Gap just to secure their HQ building, which is the dead center of these 3 buildings. Ha.

  2. Posted by bigbearsf

    What about the building on 16th and Alabama Street? I thought Google signed a deal with that building as well.

    [Editor’s Note: Google Rumor Put To Rest As Chocolatiers Buy Mission Building.]

  3. Posted by Keepitup

    And the building at the corner of 2nd and Brannan owned by Killroy? Very stealthy….these Googlers.

  4. Posted by P&M

    Good for them — it makes business sense for them to just locate to the City instead of shuttling workers down to the South Bay by shuttles. Less attention = Less “public” wrath. Anon is the best way to go.

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