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Speaking of beer and Hayes Valley, the owner-operator of Casey’s Pizza (which is currently only available by way of a food truck) is in negotiations to lease the former Go-Getters pizzeria site at 69 Gough Street. And in addition to “artisanal pizzas, salads, and house made desserts,” Casey’s plans include an in-house nano-brewery as well.

“The brewing component is secondary and will occupy just a small footprint of the business. The property at 69 Gough is 1350SF and we propose to utilize 200SF for beer production. Almost all beer produced will be for in house consumption. We plan to brew approximately 200 barrels per year initially and no more than 600 barrels per year at any point in our operation.”

While the site isn’t zoned for a brewery per se, San Francisco’s Zoning Administrator has determined that as a principally permitted restaurant a license to permit the nano-brewery should be permitted and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) appears to be on board.

UPDATE: According to a plugged-in reader, the negotiations for the space didn’t bear fruit and the deal has fallen through, but the Zoning Administrator’s determination holds true.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Spendork

    This is fabulous news! Casey’s pizza is some of the very best around. Considering it is baked in a truck, I can’t wait to see what they can do with a full size kitchen.

  2. Posted by moto mayhem

    brewerys are huge waste of water

  3. Posted by sassyboyfrisco

    waste of prime space…raze both buildings, construct a high rise (then put pizza on ground floor).

  4. Posted by Conifer

    I can hardly wait for “artisanal” pizza! “Artisanal” should be banned along with “awesome” as no longer having meaning.

    • Posted by anon

      so should cranks with nothing to say except random, parsing negativity

  5. Posted by Spendork

    Conifer, you can still hang out at your local Dominos. Nobody is stopping you. Moto, did you see the part about how small the brewing project is, or did you just go straight to the comment section?

    • Posted by Conifer

      What is Dominos? Why would I want to “hang out”?

  6. Posted by Pablito

    yeah! San Francisco’s needs more places to drink.
    San Francisco also needs more restrooms so all of our drinkers do not go pee on the street. Hopefully the Zoning Administrator will make sure Planning and DBI actually check drawings and construction to make sure this renovation includes a functioning restroom for once….

  7. Posted by Patrick

    I was reliably informed by someone who talked to Casey that this deal fell through, but he is still looking for something in the area.

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