1408 19th Avenue

The dilapidated single-family home at 1408 19th Avenue has seen better days, with front steps that have been in a state of disrepair since at least 2002.

1408 19th Avenue Detail

In and out of default since 2010, a foreclosure auction is scheduled for the 1,812-square-foot home tomorrow morning, August 11, with $218,745.92 in past due debt and fees now owed and the likely opening bid.

And with respect to the adjacent gas station site to the north, it’s zoned for building up to 40-feet in height and residential use, but plans for redeveloping the site have yet to be proposed.

21 thoughts on “Headed to the Courthouse Steps for $219K”
  1. The vehicle covered in graffiti is a nice touch. It’s almost like the Bizarro World version of staging, where someone tried hard to make this place look even *more* dilapidated.

  2. Can’t wait for the interior pics to come. Bet the staggers did a class A job of replicating that crack house aesthetic.

  3. This is one blighted corner in Sunset. Some neighbors around the corner routinely dump large items like furnitures and appliances on the sidewalk. Clothes are also found regularly.

    There are two 76 gas stations on opposite side of 19th ave. I wonder how long will they last. I don’t use the gas station much. But they currently host my car share spot.

    1. “Not just any BP, 19th Avenue BP!” Way back in the 90’s what is now the 76 Station on the west side constantly ran ads on local TV. They actually had really nice service.

      1. I remember those ads quite vividly. They moved to Ocean Ave and changed it to “Not just any 76, Ocean Avenue 76”

  4. Wonder what the inside looks like. Driven by this house a thousand times and have always been hoping someone would clean it up. I can see it now, though: full IKEA kitchen and Home Depot special finishes everywhere.

  5. Auction.com probably the worst trustee and people in the foreclosure business since Boss Hogg kept trying to foreclose on the Duke’s farmhouse house on the Duke’s Of Hazard. For those in the know, watch these clowns in action. Shill bidders, secret sales, sales disappearing off the website as cancelled, then they go to sale.

    Any guesses on the final sales price if it goes?

    My guess is in the mid 600k range.

  6. The plot thickens, There is $185,000 behind this $218,745.92. The Credit union will bid to cover themselves.

  7. UPDATE: Listed for $725,000 at the beginning of the year, the asking price for the “Victorian Style single family residence…in need of complete restoration” at 1408 19th Avenue has just been reduced to $699,500.

    1. Was no one there? I called Barrett Daffin and they said that morning it was not postponed or canceled but now looks like it’s got a new date in May?

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