440 Golden Gate Avenue, Belvedere

Locksley Hall, the 9,235 square foot mansion perched on an acre of land with a pool at the southern tip of Belvedere, overlooking San Francisco with bridge to bridge views, has sold for a record setting $47.5 million.

Built around 1900 for a prominent banker, the sellers who acquired the mansion in the mid-1990s spent ten years and over $30 million renovating and restoring the property at 440 Golden Gate Avenue.

On the market for $70 million in 2009, the asking price at the time of the sale, which closed escrow yesterday, was $49 million.

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  1. Posted by Joshua

    Fancy. Sorta hard to say the market peaked weeks/months ago with sales like these.

  2. Posted by Anon

    Has any residence in “the city” ever sold for above $30 million? Would I be mistaken in thinking that most of the all time expensive home sales in the Bay Area have all been outside “the city”. I always remind some of my friends that as expensive as San Francisco is, go look at Portola Valley, Belvedere, and around Napa where there have been some eye popping sales in the recent past.

    [Editor’s Note: A Record Setting Sale On Billionaires Row (which is now being renovated). And while a little less expensive but more recently: Billionaires Row Mansion ‘Only’ Fetches $31M.]

    • Posted by sf

      I’m guessing a house like this with this much land would sell for *at least* this if it were in the city.. but it’s not a type of house you would find in a city, just by definition of the house, so the argument is moot.

  3. Posted by sf

    I would be bored in a place like this. I’d get up every day and think there was nothing left to strive toward in life.

    • Posted by Bertie Anglis

      Nah, this is just the start. How about a palace in Monaco? Or if you’re really ambitious like Larry Ellison, how about your own Hawaiian island (he bought Lanai for $300,000,000)?

  4. Posted by MarinaBoy

    Close to perfect in so many ways the grounds, the house, and the views!

  5. Posted by Mr. Mittens

    Anon – The most expensive SF sale was $35M (2950 Broadway), the second most at $33M (2840 Broadway) and the third at $31M (2701 Broadway). On a price per square foot basis – both for the property and the actual lot – nothing comes close to reaching San Francisco Gold Coast price points. The SF sales may not hit quite the sale price of some of the Atherton/Napa/Portola Valley estates but they are *literally* about 75% smaller in terms of actual property and exponentially smaller in terms of land.

  6. Posted by matteo

    Classic Beauty! Where will our friends park when we’re having a party? Is the cul-de-sac- part of the property?

  7. Posted by Mark F.

    Really has to be one of the top 100 nicest homes in the entire country.

  8. Posted by Casablancas

    As someone who isn’t from the area, can someone tell me whether Belvedere/Tiburon are any more or less susceptible to earthquakes than San Francisco itself? This home looks to be in a very precarious spot.

    • Posted by parklife

      Other than the areas around the lagoon’s, the hill areas of Belvedere and Tiburon have pretty decent soils and can generally be expected to weather an earthquake better than many other areas. See namelink

      • Posted by sf

        It was built in 1900. City was destroyed in 1906. That should give you some indication.

  9. Posted by jlasf

    “It’s how God would live if he had the money.”

    Quote attributed to Peter Fleming, Alexander Woolcott, Woolcott Gibbs, or G.B. Shaw.

  10. Posted by soccermom

    Holy smokes, that’s like 7 houses in Noe(!)

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