4334 19th Street

Purchased for $1.6 million as a remodeled ‘archetype Edwardian’ without a garage in 2007, the single-family home at 4334 19th Street has since been remodeled a bit more, including a newly renovated kitchen and all-new garage.

4334 19th Street Kitchen Before and After

At the same time, much of the home’s “vintage character and charming details” remain.

Including a single bathroom shared between three bedrooms on the upper floor of the home.

Listed for $2.895 million two weeks ago, the asking price for 4334 19th Street has just been reduced by $595,000, now asking $2.3 million.

24 thoughts on “A Quick $600K Cut In The Castro”
  1. Ok, so that photo of the front of the house seems distorted, but looking at the height of the garage door made me LOL.

  2. Nice place. Great location. But it is small. Looks like really just 2 small bedrooms, with another tiny room on the top floor and the finished cellar level. Great for a family with one kid, or none. Still very richly priced and they should be thrilled if they get the new asking price (I would not be surprised if they get that, or a little more, given the crazy prices around this area lately).

      1. I think Citywide the median is very close to $1,000 psf now (around $990 at the moment) which is pretty amazing.

  3. I don’t understand people’s obsessions with bathroom counts, but I do recognize that the market highly values having lots of them. This house does have 2 full bathrooms though…which is more than the standard Edwardian of this type which would typically have 1.5 (one full upstairs shared between 3 brs, 1/2 on the main floor under the stairs), and would seem to be more than enough to serve a small family. As someone who has lived in a house just like that with a partner and roommates I totally don’t see the issue. For me, the tradeoffs of losing living space and closet space when folks try to cram “en-suite” bathrooms with every bedroom are not worth it.

    1. I share that sentiment. I have seen newly renovated homes touting equal or higher number of bathrooms to bedrooms ie. four bedrooms, five bathrooms. It is that much more upkeep. The California drought has not added to the joy of taking a long shower or bath so time spent in there is kept to a minimum.

    2. I disagree. When two parents and two kids (typically what you’d have in a 3BR) all want to shower in the morning, it is clear why the market values having more than one bathroom on the same floor as all of the bedrooms. That is thinking practically, not an “obsession with bathroom counts.”

      The big problem with this place is that it’s too small to work as a 3BR. As JR suggests, it’s really a 2BR with an office, which makes the lack of a second upstairs bath less of a drawback, but a drawback nonetheless.

      1. Can’t the hypothetical two kids shower the night before? When I was in college living in the co-ed dorms with a shared bathroom, I knew the place would be packed in the morning. So I simply took my leisurely shower the night before – it helped me relax before bedtime and I went to sleep in a nice clean bed.

        1. Holy smokes! Are you actually recommending changing behavior to adapt to the conditions? How unamerican, In this country we demand that the environment be shaped to our whims.

        2. Quite reasonable – except if I’m going to pay $2.3 million for a home, I want everyone to be able to take a shower whenever it is most convenient. In a $500/month dorm, the kids can juggle things as necessary.

          I understand shza’s point well. I have two kids with pretty busy schedules, and I’m very glad we have enough bathrooms and showers so that they can use them when it works best (and we paid enough for the house to make sure that could be the case and we wouldn’t need to adapt on that point). Like I said above, this place is great, and would work very well for no kids or one kid. With two kids, at this price, I’d pass on it.

        3. Right or wrong, the typical expectation is that $2.3M should purchase you a better arrangement than what you’d get from a college dorm in the 80s or 90s. Even in SF.

    3. For this home I disagree. There needs to be one bathroom or half bath per floor. This home needs at least a half bath on the kitchen/dining level.

      But I totally agree if the issue is 2 full baths squeezed into a 800 SF 1 bedroom condo.

      1. Where is the second full, in the basement I’m assuming? I would agree that there should be a half on the main level, although if you’re going to stay within an envelope, sometimes you need to make compromises. The typical place to squeeze in a half bath in this style house is under the stairs…but if the stair follow on down to the basement, then you’re a lot more challenged to find a place within a 25X30 or so footprint.

        1. For an Edwardian, you can fit a small windowless shower/toilet/sink underneath the stairs in the basement. As for the upstairs, I don’t see any room to add a 1/2 bath to existing full bathroom. Do you give up the sunroom?

          1. build over the kitchen. creates a true master and is still within the build able envelope as defined by neigh rear extensions. doesn’t solve the lack of a main floor toilet but easy enough and a value add.

  4. The real issue, IMO, is the presence of (relatively) towering apartment buildings on both the west and north sides of the house, seen best on the satellite view. Lack of privacy and potential noise. That said, I like the interior.

    1. He said “relatively” towering. It is a valid point. Being set back 10 feet farther than the bigger building next door, and having the two larger apartment buildings right against the rear yard, would cut out a lot of light. Not the end of the world, and it is still a very nice (but small-ish) place, but when you’re asking $2.3 million, it would give buyers with that kind of money pause.

  5. The listing says you could convert a Master Bedroom closet to a bathroom, but is there room for a half bath on the main level? That’s a huge downside if you can’t.

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