1208 Saint Charles Street

We’d be willing to bet this isn’t what most people picture when they hear Alameda, especially if they’ve never been.

Sitting on a half-acre lot in the Gold Coast neighborhood, the four-bedroom home at 1208 Saint Charles Street measures over 4,500 square feet, with a blend of original architectural details and modern updates and additions, including the kitchen which doesn’t feel out of place.

The sprawling lawn, bocce ball court and fire pit are all private, but the pool and old-school pool house/cabana are shared between four homes.

Purchased for $2,050,000 in August of 2008, 1208 Saint Charles returned to the market last month listed for $2,995,000 and has just been reduced to $2,850,000.

Once a peninsula connected to the Oakland docks, a shipping canal was dredged in 1902 which turned Alameda into an island.

8 thoughts on “A Gold Coast Home For $2.85 Million, In Alameda”
  1. I wonder how the neighbors arrange time slots and maintenance of the pool and cabana. Do they repair things when they are in serious need of repair (such when sharing a driveway.. wait until its bad and then split the cost to fix)? Still, better than no pool and cabana.

    1. “I wonder how the neighbors arrange time slots and maintenance of the pool and cabana.” – Probably a simple HOA. No different than any multi-unit building.

      “Still, better than no pool and cabana.” – Better than having your own pool/cabana as far as I’m concerned. Shared costs, community, etc. As long as you like your neighbohrs…

      My first thought was Palo Alto when I saw the pic. Wouldn’t have guessed Alameda. Love the house. Don’t know the neighborhood.

  2. really like this part of Alameda….beautiful neighborhood! Alameda has some neat elements. Eventually, the old Navy area will hum with activity…even now there are wineries and distilleries and the like.

  3. Hummmm… I’ve lived in San Francisco for 40 years, but have only been to Alameda once. I never realized that some of the area looked like that. Nice!

  4. Alameda has some of the most beautiful old homes in the Bay Area. The Gold Coast neighborhood, in particular, where this house is located is gorgeous and quaint.

    The island claims to have more Victorians per capita than SF or maybe any other city in CA but whether true or not it’s really a nice historical city, peppered with tiny business districts from its streetcar days. Some of it is really new and ugly though, like where they put in landfill and that mall near the beach.

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