BayHaven Harbor

Listed for $3.8 million three months ago, the asking price for BayHaven Harbor, a collection of 6 floating home slips, an on-land cottage, and a rustic two-unit residential barge in Sausalito which is also known as 60 Varda Landing, has just been reduced to $3.3 million.

BayHaven Harbor Units

The floating home community in Sausalito evolved from a re-purposing of surplus maritime vessels after the WW II ship yards closed.

2 thoughts on “$500K Cut for a Barge, Cottage and Harbor on the Bay”
  1. $3.3 million to live on a cold damp boat? And the residents of Marin are fighting George Lucas’s offer to pay for affordable housing to be built on Skywalker ranch out of his own pocket.

    How is the Bay Area the least bit “progressive” on social issues? We have the most regressive politics of housing of anywhere in the country – heck – maybe the world at this point.

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